Laptop won't boot up

 JudyB -

We have a Dell Inspirin 15R laptop. When we turn it on the Dell logo comes up, then we get the little circling icon on the screen. But it won't proceed any further, just keeps circling.

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can you run the Dell hardware diagnostics ( I think it's F11 after you see the Dell logo)
I tried pressing F11 when the Dell logo came up but nothing changed.
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Hi Judy,

Could you check if it is possible to open the BIOS menu? If the PC freezes and you are not able to use the Dell diagnostics, there may be a problem with the PC. If you can open BIOS menu, check if the hard drive is correctly recognized. If there is a problem with the drive, there will be trouble loading Windows and you may see the little circle moving without any progress. Another option is a Windows boot issue, which is not related to the hard drive condition. In that case, you should be able to boot from a Windows installation drive and select the Repair option.
If BIOS menu is not accessible and you are not able to boot from an installation drive, there may be a hardware issue or a BIOS problem. If the PC is under warranty, you should contact the seller.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately the little circle just keeps circling. We'll be taking it in to our local computer fix it shop as the laptop is no longer under warranty.