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 Fred -
I use Acer Aspire R 13, my device automatically power on immediately I open it.
When am not ready to use it but want to clean it, it power on by itself as soon as I open it. Please help me out.

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Hi Fred,

This sound like a powering setting that can be modified. What version of Windows are you using? Please boot into Windows and open Control Panel, Power Options, Choose what the power buttons do, Change settings that are currently unavailable. Disable fast startup. Check the link below for more details:

You should also disable hibernation. You can do it in Power Options or using the Command Prompt and typing powercfg –h off

Check this thread for some additional suggestions:

Hope this helps

I could not put off hibernation in command prompt. By typping powercgf -h off. It displayed that I may not have control over it.

My Acer PC keeps on powering up itself anytime I open the lid..