No signal in monitor

Idrazil - Nov 24, 2016 at 12:26 PM
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I took out my processor fan and processor to try to put on a new processor fan that my brother had laying around but mine was too loud so i wanted a more quite one. But it wasent the right type to be able to put on so i just put the one i already had back on. And after i put it back on with the fan and everything how it was before my power button stays orange and has no signal. When its not plugged into the computer however it has the red blue green screen on it.

I've purchased a new motherboard figured it was time to get a new one anyways i bought MSI 970 along with a new processor fan with it. Its not the same motherboard that i had before and i don't know if that will change anything or not but id assume not and i hooked everything up and theirs still no signal.

I have tried the processor in another computer and it works fine, starts up fine, iv tried power resetting where i unplug the power cord and hold down the power button for 30-60 seconds on my computer and iv even tried putting in a different graphics card. I also tried taking out the mother board battery and putting it back in the cmos.

I've tried unplugging my hard drives because even without them it should bring me into my bios but not even that is happening the monitors have been tested and works fine as well

My disc drive is acting weird as well something important i think to note is i will turn it on it makes the normal start up sound the fan turning fast then the fan gets quite again and the disc drive sounds like it turns i will open it and it will close by its self after and sound like it spins twice i don't know what this means if this means anything at all

After everything i have tried there is still no signal to the fully functional monitor

I have no more ideas and don't know what to do.

Any help will be much appreciated, Thank you for your time.

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Nov 25, 2016 at 03:39 AM
Hi Idrazil,

You have done great job trying to solve this issue. So, right now, when you press the power button you hear some typical noises, but no signal on screen, right? You have tested big part of the hardware, so I would recommend you to try booting with only the PSU, the processor and a slot of RAM connected. If you still cannot get any signal, you may be facing a power supply issue. Sometimes the provided power is enough to run the PC. Please check that.

Hope this helps

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Nov 25, 2016 at 04:38 PM
I cannot get any dispay without the graphics card in so i cant run this test. I dont belive its the power supply i have a 600 wat PSU which should be more than enough ill list my specs below to see if that might help.

Processor : AMD 6100 fx 6 core
Power supply : GS600 corsair
Graphics card: Nvidia 750 TI by asus
Mother board : MSI 970
Ram: 4 strips 2 gigs each of G.skill ripjaws
Hard drive: Kingston technology SSD 120gb

I did try 1 ram stick with a Radeon 7770 graphics card along with my normal nvidia one still no siglal