Problem with sound device not play media file

my pc is not played in to media files and videos. what problem are detected into my system so u are plase send board cd to solve this problem

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you need to install the sound driver.
please post the full details about your computer and we will give you the link where you can download the driver.
Thank you

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computer name:mecer
its a multimedia computer system
Hi! Did you recently uninstall BearShare or other programs like it? Try Uninstalling the Device and Re installing it again. Here's how:

Start Button

RIGHT click "My Computer"

Properties then the "Hardware" tab

Device Manager

Go down and expand [+] the Sound, video and game

If there's a yellow question mark(?) in one of the devices, RIGHT click on it and then "Uninstall" You'll get it back, don't worry.

Click Start again

Control Panel

Add Hardware. This will find the device you just uninstalled. Click on the one you JUST deleted and then Next.

It should be re-installed now. Go back to your Control Panel and then Sound and Audio. Play around with the speaker settings and see if that helped you....

Alternatively, you can use System Restore to restore your computer settings to a certain day, maybe the day before you installed a certain program which deleted your sound settings...? That's if that's what caused it in the first place

Best of luck!