Cant't Bridge Connections

ixOmqHD - Dec 27, 2016 at 02:04 PM
 Blocked Profile - Dec 27, 2016 at 09:26 PM
So i tried to Bridge 2 Connections
1. My WiFi
2. VMware Network
I did it but 1 sec after the popup saying bridging connections it says i dont have sufficient privileges to configure connections then it says i have to contact my administrator.
I am running WIndows 10 Pro
i am NOT in a domain i am in a homegroup
i have Windows Defender
also i tried with other connections and it still says i cant
I am the ONLY user on the pc

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OK, ok, no I dont have skype, beside this is free, skype would cost you $150.00 an hour!

Ok, so right click over the Windows Button on the start screen, and select Computer Management, as in Picture 1 below.

Then select the ADMIN group. I must tell you that putting your default user into the admin group is asking for trouble. You should create a user, ONLY to INSTALL such services, and not use your standard log in to perform such tasks. Here is why: Your standard user account is logged into as admin by default, and you go to a website that tries to install something, and it does because you are an admin, and you know what you are doing looking at VIRUS ridden website performing all sorts of drive by downloads, without your knowledge because you have the admin rights. If you were doing the same browsing in a non admin account, the PC would have prompted you for permission to install it. Any way, lets move forward. After selecting the admin group, type in your users name, as in Image two:

After you have typed in the users name, press Check Names, as in image three:

NOw, set up a password for the user you just added, and log in as that user with admin privileges!

By making changes to your machine, you are saying you understand the liability of making a user an admin!

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cant i just use administrater?
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Dec 27, 2016 at 04:37 PM
So, then log in as admin. I am not certain you are understanding the process, as you already are an admin, yes?
I am on the administrator account and it allowed me to do a bridge but another issue popped up when I bridge with a working connection it makes it say no internet, secured plz help
So how many pipes to the internet do you have? Is this an incoming or outgoing connection?
nvm i got it working! i all i had to do was add some info! Thanks for the help
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Dec 27, 2016 at 02:07 PM
Well, its sounds like you still have to RUN AS ADMIN, regardless. So, when you start your configs again, start the console with admin privalages (RUN AS)!
how i run as admin?
and i did it with the network and sharing center
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Dec 27, 2016 at 03:16 PM
Go to computer management, Users, and make certain your user is in the admin group. If not, put it in there. Post back if you need help.
do you have skype or something? so its faster also i dont see a admin group and idk how to make one