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I have been playing Poker on Facebook for months until last night when i can't seem to pass through the application front page due to an OpenSocial issue. It hangs and wont connect to the Poker server. A friend was able to connect on their machine using my Facebook log in so im fuguring an issue on my machine. I've updated everything !!! still no good and very frustrating. Even tried Firefox but no good.

Any Ideas???


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can anyone help please im tryin to play poker on face book but it wont conect properly any ideas ?
Thank you

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guys the problem is tat!! java runtime is not up to date on ur systems!!! so update it.. n it will work!!!
Check your privacy settings/blocked applications-
Hey, you all should listen to DoDzy, that fixes the problem. I had it blocked, and that explains why it's only some accounts and not others.
I am facing the same problm and all of these forum is a huge failure...not a single answer to our problems...i facing the same situation, i want to kill zynga poker
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For this purpose i will recommend you switching to another browser! try google chrome or mozilla
Hi and thanks for the prompt reply.

I've tried Mozilla and Chrome but still have same issue.

if ur java run time is out of date how do we update it... im having problems loading zynga poker on facebook, and it will load up to 84% but then stops loading... it all started 1 day when my internet disconected while the poker was loading.
Some1 plzz help
ME TOO!! I hate it. it will let me play it on another account on the same computer but not some accounts! Its weird i hope they are aware of the problem!!
mine is doing the same thing, very frustrating