A Hard drive reverted back to old layout

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I'll tell u the whole story from the beginning and try to make it as short as i can.
shot story:
installed windows 8 and 8.1, restored windows system image from windows recovery every month for years but today a HDD with 2 partitions 1 of which was bitlocker encripted reverted back to few years back to a single partiton like magic.

long story:
i got a PC installed windows 8, installed windows 8.1 updated it, updated the image backup.
windows is on stalled on a 120gp SSD(the 1st drive) with just C drive, then a 2TB HDD with partitions 'System Image Backup', 'Games' and 'Data' (Drive 2) and last HDD with one partition named 'Temp' (Drive 3). on dirve 3 temp was temporary deleted that after few months and created a two other drives, deleted them too and... can't remember them all, i created a lot of partitions with a lot of different names for couple of year then i created two final drives, 'Backup' and 'Volt' and encrypted the volt drive with bitlocker, then i used that for about a couple more years. All these years i was restoing windows 1s every month clicking skip when asked to enter the key for the encripted drive with no problem until today.
what happened today is i tried window 10, didn't like couldn't restore windows 8.1 image so i did a clean install of windows 8.1 but same problem, it said something like the partition where the recovery environment of windows installed need to be formatted so i need to use a removable recovery partition like CD or USB. so i created a windows 8.1 installation USB booted from recovered it the same way as i always do by clicking skip when asked to enter the key for the bitlocker partition, something went wrong recovery failed then i tried again and only this time it didn't ask me to enter key for the bitlocker locked drive, everything went smooth except it did take a bit longer to restore. when i logged into the windows there was this partition named 'Temp' on the drive 3 from years back. i did try windows 10 when it first came out, had the same recovery to windows 8.1 problem but this didn't happen.

now i have surfed the internet for a few hours and came to understand that bitlocker encrypted drive files cannot be restored. but still if there's a way i could revert the drive 3 back to how it was this morning, if there a way, i thought i should ask. i haven't found anyone who faced the same problem as me. i'm not hoping much but if anyone can shed some light here or something, i'd be greatefull.

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It cannot be done. Very simply, the ID of the OWNER of the bitlocked folder/files changed when the OS changed. You will never be able to generate that ID again! Very simple. UNLOCK your encrypted files before an OS upgrade!!!!!!!