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I'm using mac OS 10.5. I have also partiioned the mac and am using windows xp. Does anyone know if it is possible to see the shared Z drive on mac when actually booting the system in XP? When I run xp as a virtual with VMWARE Fusion, I have no problem seeing this drive, however when I hold option key and boot in XP I can't see shared z drive. Would appreciate feed back if anyone has had this probelm and overcome it.

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which machine do you have?
Hi Mikey
mac book pro 15 inch widescreenbut not the latest.
> sweester01
If you are willing to do a fresh install of both here's now I did it:

1. In mac installer, erase and format the hard drive as one partition GUID/HFS+Journaled
2. When installed, update Leopard fully
3. Run bootcamp assistant, choose how much to make the bootcamp partition (size wise).
You should now have 2 partitions - OSX in HFS and BOOTCAMP
4. When bootcamp assistant ends, click Quit and Install Later
5. Insert mac os disc
6. Click restart
7. in Mac os setup, go to tools menu> disk utility
8. Click on your hard drive on the left hand side (not a volume, the actual drive)
9. Highlight the OSX partition
10. Click the + at the bottom of the partition diagram
11. Call it whatever and make it FAT32 (MSDOS)
12. Partition it.
13. Close disk utility and reboot back to OSX
14. Remove OSX disc and insert windows disc
15. Reboot again, holding option key, and when you get the drive appearing wait a few secs
16. When the windows CD appears in the list, click on it
17. Install windows to the BOOTCAMP partition, leave all others alone
18. When vista installs, a drive D: appears which is your FAT32 drive along side your BOOTCAMP partition. This also appears in OSX.
hey presto, works fine for me on my aluminium macbook Vista 32bit / OSX Leopard!