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Explorer trying to open "ffdshow"

Hello, sometimes on my laptop , a diallog says mssege that "explorer trying to load ffdshow " and this dialog box will close in just 30 sec (c...

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Optimizing my downloads

Hello, i would like to know how to optimize bit comet normally the idle connection is aabout 200kpbs and i have only 50kpbs as connection and any ide...

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Compaq presario v5000 usb driver download


Hello guys, I would like to have d website where I can download d usb driver for my compaq presario v5000Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6...

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Internet explorer problem

Hello, Ive just had this problem. Whenever I go on the internet it keeps telling me that java isn't installed properly what should I do please ?

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Problems with my internet explorer

Hello, so actually my pc keeps freezing every time i open internet explorer and this problem keeps going on i dont mind restarting my pc every time...

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Internet explorer

Hello, My Internet Explorer has gotten slower over time from since I gotten my computer. Any suggestions? :) Thanks.

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It would be nice to download bluetoth easier

i have been sick looking to download bluetooth software dell inspiron 6400

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Internet explorer keeps terminating


Hello, When I try and use IE.. I get an error message before long that says.. it has encountered a problem and needs to close.. or something about a ...

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Lady Leisure

Error with mozilla firefox

hi dudes , I was using Mozilla firefox as Browser and it just updated to the latest version. Since that day the browser is not working and some...

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Dora The Explorer


i need to download complete java software

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Google talk not oppening

Hello, as i love to chat i have created an account in google talk and it was successful.unfortunately i have not used it for some time and whe...

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Good afternoon, I recently updated mozilla firefox on my system but its not working! Before everything was fine and was working properly..i dont like ...

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John W


Hello, why does my computer takes 10 to 15 mins to load a video, i think thats too much !

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Download manager

Hello, i got flash get on my computer and i dont know how to use it , anyone feel like helping me plz!!

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Firefox beta 3.04

Is all plugins and add ons compatible with this new version of firefox...i dont want to install it before im sure please help

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