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  • Please provide the key for Microsoft Office P Solved/Closed

    Hello, Please provide the key for Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 20.0.1123.4

  • Macro To Copy Data Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have two excel sheet with three column on each sheet Sheet 1 Sr.NO Code Name 1 1256 2 1256 3 1258 4 1258 5 1259 6 1259 7...

    ek2teen | Excel | Latest reply: ek2teen Sep 23, 2012
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  • How to build a macro that does this... Solved/Closed

    Hello guys, I would like to build a sheet that contains several names and infomation pertaining to each name. The first tab would be the search in...

    DG83 | Excel | Latest reply: DG83 Sep 23, 2012
    13 replies
  • Vlookup Solved/Closed

    Hello guys, I wonder if you could advise: when I set my regular vlookup. And have found the requested result. How do I get excel to keep searching...

  • Separating items from columns Solved/Closed

    Hello guys, Could you please help with this... Is it possible to do the following in excel: I have similar cells to this in one column: Ford v-36...

    DG83 | Excel | Latest reply: DG83 Sep 18, 2012
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  • Sum # in column only if cell contain text Solved/Closed

    Hello, e.g. I am trying to sum up the row of number when a cell in the same row contains text "Ball" [Column A] Red Ball Blue Ball C...

  • A Macro to move data from rows to columns Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have data in a single column and would like to copy it into a rows for every x rows, for example; The column of data varies in the amoun...

    Arnold2222 | Excel | Latest reply: venkat1926 Sep 13, 2012
    9 replies
  • spell number Solved/Closed

    Hello, I would like to convert a number into words using rupees and cents in excel 2007. Please help. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet E...

  • How to match 2 row of data in excel ? Solved/Closed

    Hello, brothers & sisters I have 2 columns of companies name say (column a=38900),(column b=1000) so how can i use a formula to do a match by thei...

    royang28 | Excel | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Sep 11, 2012
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  • Formulas Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can you help please how do you do a formula Annual Gross profit ?? Thank you very much Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 15.0.1

  • Event causing a popup comment to be saved Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am trying to create an even within multiple cells that would ask for a comment if certain conditions are met. For instance: If c...

  • word 2010 why my clip art suddenly vanished Solved/Closed

    Hello, is there anyone who can tell me why my clip art suddenly vanished from word..... It was there one day but gone the next & nothing I do seems to...

    stevepes | Word | Latest reply: steve Sep 7, 2012
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  • text if/then formula to use seperate formulas Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am trying to make a formula to determine how many days (minus weekends) it took to complet a project. The problem is that I have one empl...

    amilcaranast... | Office Software | Latest reply: amilcaranastasia Sep 6, 2012
    2 replies
  • Excel, comparing two sets of two rows Solved/Closed

    Hello, I know the title may be a little confusing, and I apologize for that, but I really did not know how to phrase it. What I have is two Excel...

    Sanzer | Excel | Latest reply: Sanzer Sep 6, 2012
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  • Need help to remove FALSE from cell Solved/Closed

    Hello, Anyone please. How remove FALSE from a cell Here below is my formula. =IF(ISNUMBER(G17);IF((G17-$I$10)

  • Remove False from cell Solved/Closed

    Hello, how can I remove FALSE from the cell? I need help, any one please. her below is my formulat =IF(ISNUMBER(G17);IF((G17-$I$10)

  • forgot password Solved/Closed

    Hello, i forgot my pass word for my nokia x2

    Gingamary | Word | Latest reply: jack4rall Aug 6, 2012
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  • Conditional formatting and IF statements Solved/Closed

    Hi Please can someone help with a problem I have encountered on Excel 2003. I am trying to use conditional formatting however I have 4 variables ra...

    dazzalar1987 | Office Software | Latest reply: Darren Aug 3, 2012
    11 replies
  • macro to compare two excel sheets Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need help to write macro to compare two sheets, sheet1 and sheet2 on same excel book and display the result on the third sheet. The ...

    annajins | Excel | Latest reply: Aks Aug 2, 2012
    6 replies
  • Excel Help Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a schedule for the employees, and it contains seven columns as 7 days in a week. If any range of the columns contains text " ...

    femina | Excel | Latest reply: femina Aug 1, 2012
    2 replies
  • Excel: Comparing two columns and output data Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2007 and am trying to figure out a way to analyze and sort some data. I have two sets of data in 6 and 5 columns in the sa...

    Siah | Excel | Latest reply: Siah Jul 28, 2012
    7 replies
  • Insert new data line when criteria met Solved/Closed

    Good day, I need to insert a new line with data when the criteria met based on the table below. Time Operation ------ ...

  • Problem with excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, I was trying to write a formula in excel where IF A1 is greater than 7 then 1 would be substracted from it and if it is greater than 5 but...

    morpheusmp | Excel | Latest reply: aquarelle Jul 18, 2012
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  • add/subtract & vlookup formula Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need your help in solving the error re vlookup in my excel worksheet. Please find below the link to view the file.

  • Set serial number base on date and starting Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a local purchase order (LPO) sheet in excel for two different group. I use LPO serial as SWM/SB/12/07/125 Swm/SB is permanent te...

  • Remove #DIV/0! Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have below formula in a database and when "F" column is 0 it shows above. is there any ways that i can set this formula without appearing...

  • Reading pane Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to enlarge the font size ONLY in the reading pane above the spreadsheet, without actually changing the...

  • Editing Different Fonts Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can you please tell me how i can edit the font size and parameters like bold,italics of (only) one fonts. To be clear, i want the parameters ...

    mreccentric | Office Software | Latest reply: TrowaD Jul 3, 2012
    3 replies
  • Excel: Splitting of data based on calculation Solved/Closed

    Good day, I would like to seek help to how to split and populate data based on the result of certain calculation. Here are the criteria for the...

    wliang | Excel | Latest reply: wliang Jun 30, 2012
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  • Excel 2007 IF function Solved/Closed

    Hello, Need formula to say if cell has NA put 0 but if the cell has a date (yy,mm,dd) then subtract cell L1 from cell E1. Trying to determine how ...

    Nikki | Excel | Latest reply: Nikki Jun 25, 2012
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  • VBA - Transferring select Data to new sheet Solved/Closed

    Hey there, I'm trying to create a macro for an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that will take a record (a row (or rows)) that I've already selected into a new ...

    VirtualInsanity | Excel | Latest reply: VirtualInsanity Jun 19, 2012
    10 replies
  • i forgot apple i pod password Solved/Closed

    HELLO, i forgot my apple 8gb passeord bearning the model nos.A1285 and serial nos. 5U9203UK3QS Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

    KALA | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias Jun 13, 2012
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  • VBA code to conditionally copy the data Solved/Closed

    Hello, need help! see I need a vba code that can copy data from sheet1(raw data) to sheet 2,sheet3 and so on is certain condition matches..exam...

    sunny2u86 | Excel | Latest reply: sunny2u86 Jun 4, 2012
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  • Date -time subtraction.. Solved/Closed

    Hello, hi again,need help i need a macro that will subtract date-time in column A with the Present Date-time and display the value as number of da...

  • how to get sub strings using delimiter Solved/Closed

    hi, i want to copy the part of the string in a particular cell to another sheet. e.g. the string is cell A1 is as below: EVENT_ID NUMBER(10) ...

  • Highlighted Cell on duplicate by multiple cln Solved/Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows 7, MS Office 2007 Kindly help me i stuck in a problem, I have an Excel Sheet which contains Sales Figure an ...

    RWomanizer | Office Software | Latest reply: TrowaD May 29, 2012
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  • replacing cell values Solved/Closed

    Hi, My requirement is to replace the cell values only for a given range. And my range is only the cell values in a given single column. Below is t...

  • lost security lock password Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a nokia xpress music 5130-C. I set my security lock password as 55555. But now it is not taking the password. I tried the defau...

    Hasan | Word | Latest reply: jack4rall May 26, 2012
    1 reply
  • VBA Macro Help Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a report that I am using for a customer of mine that lists there kits in a matrix for me. Once in a while I find an error where a kit...

    froggy7897 | Excel | Latest reply: froggy7897 May 24, 2012
    3 replies
  • Conditional Formatting using dates Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a training spreadsheet which I enter the date someone has undergone training. I want a red, amber, green system to alert me when traini...

  • password remove Solved/Closed

    Hello, memory card password recovery software from nokia c2-00 Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 535.19

    shakthi | Word | Latest reply: jack4rall May 13, 2012
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  • split mutiple columns in sets of 40 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have data in 3 columns A,B,C and it goes to 1000 rows, I want it to be splitted in sets of 40 each . Like first 40 then next 40 and so on...

    vikki | Excel | Latest reply: rizvisa1 May 12, 2012
    7 replies
  • Copying from Multiple Wb in 1 folder to 1 Wb Solved/Closed

    Hello, You guys have been a great help for all my naive questions, so I have another for you. When it comes to architecting the layout of the cod...

  • Excle formula Solved/Closed

    Hello, Dear People, I have a small Requirement in Excel. Can you please help me out? Problem Description: Content of Raw Material Prices are...

  • forget password...? Solved/Closed

    Hello, i use floder protect 1.9.2 unfortunately i forget my password so how can i know my password please help me.... Configuration: Windows XP...

    yagu | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias May 9, 2012
    1 reply
  • Forgotten password for my acer 5315 Solved/Closed

    Hello I have an acer aspire 5315 and broke my charger, I have only just got it back on now and completely forgotten my password. I have treasured pics...

    Billy | Word | Latest reply: Ambucias May 9, 2012
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  • Dell iM10-3354DD5 passwords don't work Solved/Closed

    Hello, Dell inspiron iM10-3354DD5 ,service tag 9FK9QK1,need bios and HDd password . I hv all info on comp, receipt everything I wrote down passwor...

    Cbg | Word | Latest reply: jack4rall May 9, 2012
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  • Retrive Value to empty cell Solved/Closed

    Hello, Hope you can help me... The user select a value from a list (in Column B), then Excel need to find this value from a column (Column D) o...

  • pdf file convewrsion Solved/Closed

    I am having a similar problem to the one I have copied into the e mail below. It seems all of my adobe acrobat files have been converted word documen...

    Charlie | PDF | Latest reply: Charlie Apr 30, 2012
    3 replies
  • How to concanate two cells "line by line" Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have one cell that has names separated with alt + enter. On the other cell, I have additional information on those names (also separate...

    Duffy | Excel | Latest reply: Duffy Apr 30, 2012
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