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Entering value for column at once, displaying in all sheets


Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets(1,2,3) , each sheet has list of items randomly placed, the same items are repeated in other sheets ran...

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Zohaib R

Help combining worksheets in excel 2007


We use excel 2007 to store information about our products and have a different worksheet for each range. Is there any way of combining all these wo...

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Conditional formatting


Hello, I need a help on Conditional formatting: I have a data in A2:E5 (Sheet 1), and in Sheet 2 i have reference data in Column A. i need to...

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Hello, Can you pls help me with the following: I have Inventory Workbook, and Invoices. Every time I open new Invoice and entering Quantities of...

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Vba how to create new worksheet and move value


Hello there, I am zero in vba, can anyone please assist me what code to be used given following conditon Given,(I have data converted from csv t...

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Excel macro; adding password


Hello, Hope you anyone can help me with this... I need to create a macro that unlocks a password-protected sheet with password "password", do so...

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Summing up data from groups & pasting it another column


Hello there, I need to write a macro for the following example: A 2 A 3 A 3 B 4 B 1 B 4 C 7 D 3 D 8 Etc. Basicallly i ne...

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Special sum of a column


Hello, In have some columns with plenty of data. And I need to make a column which will have ... D2=C2 D3=C2+C3 D4=C2+C3+C4 ....................

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Increased size of an excel file


hi guys, I have come across an interesting issue. I redid some tables in an excel file and when done with it I see that the size of the file is at...

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Need help with percentage please


Hello, I am new to excel and I am not very good at it so any help would be greatly appreciated. I know anyone out there is helping for no reason o...

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High and lower case text in the "if" functions


Hello, I am working on a basketball spreadsheet. I am keep track of the home teams straight up(SU) wins. Home teams are capitalized(higher case), ...

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Populate data in excel according with n


Hello all, My intention is populate an Excel sheet with a variable number of rows according with a number inserted on a fixed column. co...

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Conditional formatting using dates in different cells


Hello, I need help with a problem that is driving me insane. I have column A, B, and C A is date started B is date finished C is days it to...

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Problem for creating ms word on tablet


Hello, I find very difficult downloading MS word, Excel and VZO video chat.

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Snding sms from excel sheet


Hello, i need to send text message from excel sheet to mobile number. is there any method to send sms. please help me to give method. thanks ...

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Dropdown lists in excel 2007


Hello, I want to create dropdown lists in excel, it should work as follow:In cell2,1 must be a drop down list with 4 names (e.g.Mill,Comp,Loads,Blend...

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What is the most appropropriate way to recover pst file


Hello i m using MS Outlook my PST file was oversized which got corrupted after subsequent retrieval. Tell me what to use?? Inbox PST repair tool...

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Converting date to year and month text


Hello, I have a cell date entered as 8-Nov. Excel reads this date as 11/8/2010. The cell entry actually means Nov, 2008. I need to change that ...

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Using vlookup to return insted of 00/01/1900


Hello, I am using a Vlookup to return values within a sheet using cell A2 as my reference some of the data that I am returning via the lookup are ...

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Formula for between to dates


Hello, Hi, I am looking for a date formula that will tell me if a date in a cell is between to dates In column "A" I have a list of dates and in c...

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Stop #n/a appearing after a vlookup


Hello, I need to stop #N/A appearing after doing vlookup. I Understand that this happens because it refers to no value. Anyway I can make it ap...

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One cell will turn green when the two other cells match


Hello, I am keeping a register of staff in our department. What I want to happen is for the cell (where the name is) to turn green when the date ...

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Hello, Empty cell in Excel file has changed in the month, while 0 is 1 reply should have come to help please Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome...

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Macro to email picking up email address in one cell using lookup


Hi can anyone help me I am using the VBA below to email a results sheet to various people,the code that I have will only allow me to email to one pers...

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Returning value from column b in column c, in a cell ajacent to


Hello, BHID MN Samp 47.86 Samp 50.24 Samp 41.63 Samp 49.34 Samp 48.19 Samp 53.11 Samp 50.98 Samp 49.07 Samp 48.05 Samp 52.96 Samp 41...

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Recovery my work and restart microsoft excel


Hello, everyone i have a problem with my excel while I start this program then open the file in MS Excel. Excel pops a message saying "MS Office ...

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Sridhar L

Compare data in seperate columns to find likely matches


Hello, I want to compare data in columns which essentially is the same but worded different. For Example Name of Person County...

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No tool bars or address bar on my browser


Hello, I don't know what I did, but my address bar is only visable when I drag my mouse up to the top of my screen and my toolbars have disappea...

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Code for macro that conditionally inserts rows


Hello, I know this has been asked and answered often, in particular here:

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Excel for mac opens all files on desktop


Hello, Whenever I open any Excel file, Excel opens every file on my desktop as well (excel or not). I have to wait until the whole bunch load up, t...

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Can't open excel file


Hello, I'm running a Mac (10.5.8) and am having trouble opening a recently created Excel file. I was able to open the file since the first time I ...

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If statement errors and using multiple if statements.


Hello, I am self teaching excel spreadsheets, and I would really appreciate some help to anyone that would graciously be willing to offer it. I ...

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Merging more cells into one cell


Hello, how to merge 3 cells into 1 cell? we tried and tried but we didn't get it.. even the formula, we don't know.. we are just a first timer. w...

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How can calculate days between twodates


Hello, I HVE TO CALCULATE THE DIFFRENCE IN DATE. e.g: there is a two coloums as per below, purchase requisition date purchase order date ...

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Transferring data from one sheet to another


Hello, I have been using Excel for a number of years but fairly new to formula etc. I need a VBA code that can copy data from costing(raw data) to ...

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Time calculations on a 24-hr clock


Hello, I need a formula that I can apply to my spreadsheet that will calculate how much time it takes someone to complete a task. Everything is b...

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Zohaib R

Auto notify or mail when excel sheet updated.


Hello, We have a Excel which is saved to a network drive and used by multiple users. What I need is when somebody updates the excel sheet or puts ...

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I have a problem with microsoft office starter?


Hello, I would respctfully ask anyone to help me with this problem which is: someday I have open the Microsoft Office starter and then I have been ...

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a cooperator

Excel 2007 resetting cells to date format


Hello, I have an Excel 2007 spreadsheet that is resetting all the data cells to Date format. Have anyone seen this before? I don't think I have a vir...

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Archit Badwe

Conditional formatting


Hello, I'm using Excel 2010 and need to conditionally format a cell based on various values in different cells. Specifically, if cell A2 states B...

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Simply cannot find an answer


Hello, I have a spread sheet - column B lists dates for the last time a report for each product was completed. Each report is due every 28 days. ...

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Vb issue with delete rows with specific values


Hello, I am using 2007 excel and have the VB doing 2 things: 1) looking at specific Column for EXACT values and deleting row 2) looking at speci...

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Macro help: copy data from a range of sheets to a master sheet


Hi, I'm looking for some help developing a macro to collect data from a range of sheets in a workbook, but not all sheets. The macro needs to: ...

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Hello, Hi! Is there anyone here knows how to speak Tagalog? If so, please let me know..I just have a few questions regarding in Excel. I cant ex...

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How to convert number into text in excel


Hello, pls.send me formula to convert number into text in Excel e.g.100001 in words like' one lakh one only"

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Adding a new entry into a list - excel 2007


Hi Hope that someone can help me with this problem..... I've created a list in Excel 2007. I've added 3 colours in the list (blue, red, green). I ...

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Vlookup range question


Hello, =VLOOKUP(A4,OLD!$A1:$B1404,2,FALSE) I'm using this formula in my spreadsheet and it is working EXCEPT when the new spreadsheet has inse...

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Outlook - "unknown error" ox800ccc81


Hello, re would you have a fix for this with Outlook Express? thanks Configuration:...

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Adding the same action to every second line


hi guys, i wonder if you could help me with the following: there is a worksheet where column A is full with numbers. I would like to add to ever...

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If, then formula


Hello, I am creating a spreadsheet for the company airplane. Part of it is to calculate how many of the miles flown were "occupied" (had passengers...

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