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Hello, My name is amit and i am having problem with creating a excel sheet which has three columns stating date , service and amount. and now i wan...

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Sunil dhyani


Hello, I have a problem, how to delete entire column from the sheet that contain particular word with other word as a header. Example i want to de...

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Vba code in excel


Dears who can help me to write VBA code to solve the following case: I have Excel sheet to calculate overtime, includes several rows for each month...

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Find data by entering data in another cell


Hello, I have an Excel 2007 Workbook that I use for tracking the status of over 50 projects. This Workbook contains 6 worksheets plus a "MainMenu"...

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Macro or vb in excel 2007


Hi. I have next to no experience with macros & VB. But I have a problem that I need resolved. I have 11 sheets in excel. 10 sheets need to pull in...

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To get cell contents into excel file property


Hello, Can you please kindly help me to solve the below interesting issue? (I will make my best to make myself understood, which is sometimes very ...

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Excel macro to insert row based on data


Hello, I have a large spreadsheet w/ over 9,000 rows of data. I would like to know if a macro can be built to add a row(s) based on the month. In t...

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Copy info from several cells into one cell


Hello, Could you please help me solve my issue bellow? I have several sheets in Excel, i.e. Sheet 1, Sheet 2 and Sheet 3. I wanted that A1 cell from...

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Office 2010 isn't opening any files


Hello, I've downloaded office 2010 - and it's not opening any files form box unless I select 'open with' for each file. I want an automatic downlo...

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Excel data reading from another excel shheet


Dear People, I have a small Requirement in Excel. Can you please help me out? Problem Description: Content of Raw Material Prices are maintai...

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How to compare several columns...?


Hello, could anyone help me with this. I would like to compare two columns: A B C D Peter 4 John 3 John 3 Peter 5 G...

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How to extract info from csv files to excel


Hello, I have 74,340 .csv files I need to extract information from Col. A-C & Rows 1-143 into an excel workbook, Sheet1. Every .csv file has diffe...

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Search inside an array and return a row?


Hello, I have a spreadsheet of data, and I'd like to create a macro where I can input a name (from within the unique names listed in column A for exam...

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Search for any value within a range and copy


Hello, I am a beginner with Macros and would like to find code that will allow me to do the following: 1. Look for ANY values present in colu...

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Paste to all sheets except some with criteria


Hi, How can I make a macro paste copied data into some sheets of a worksheet but not other sheets. For example, I have 10 sheets in my worksheet ...

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Formating a column using macro


Sir A forum member helped me in writing a macro to copy certain data from sheet one to sheet two. I modified basic macro to suit as per my require...

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Forgot password


Hello, sir i have nokia2690 mobile the security code was changed onetime but the new password is forgot so please help me. Configuration: / Ope...

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Office 2010 excel


Hello, i am trying to show in cell J2 if the sum of cell I2 is more than 10 to show 10 and if the sum is les than 5 to show 0 have found how to show ...

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Copying data from worksheet 1 to worksheet 2


Hello, I am using MS Office Excel 2007 and need to know how to copy a row of data from one worksheet to another worksheet using a criteria from colum...

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Excel - delete info from a cell found in anot


Hello, Hello, I need a solution for the following situation: See attached screenshot from my Excel spreadsheet. I would like to know if the...

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Cut &past data from sheet to shhet depending


Dears, I'm a novice in M* Excel. Still, for day to day followup purpose, I need a macro and/or appropriate solution that does the following: For...

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Convert multiple rows and columns to one colu


Hello, I have some data in excel sheet. Here is the example. 480,000 600,000 720,000 520,000 650,000 780,000 300,000 375,...

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Color code excel cells according to scores


Hello, How do I color code cells in excel ti turn colors according to scores--such as red (0-69%), yellow 70-89%), green 90-100%)? Thank you, E....

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Can i delete text up to a character in excel


Hello, Is there a way of deleting all the text up to a certain character in excel. i im trying to import a CSV file in to exchange and need it tyding...

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Compare columns


Hello, I have a situation like below. Column A Column B Column C A1 1 A2 ...

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Excel-macro to group by column & sum value


I was searching your web site for an example of how to group two columns and sum two different columns. I found an example under the question "Excel ...

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Calculate each number is 1st time happen


Hello, Pls do help me.. By using what method ( Auto calclulate ) that can help us to find out each number is first time happen ? Eg: Cut Apple ...

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Data replication using macro


Hello Experts, I have a requirement as follows: User data Entry: Column1 Column2 Column3 Colulmn4 TIME JAN FEB MAR INDIA Bangal...

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Saturday as workday


Hello, How do I get excel 2003 to include saturday as a weekday? I can't get workday or networkdays to include it.

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How to select signature for outlook mail


Hello, I am trying to select signature (by browsing for a signature file) to new mail in outlook-2003 using with XP but unable to selct it. Please i...

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Copy cell with more than 921 charcters


Hello, I wrote a vb code to copy all rows where column B contains "RW". The code first deletes any data that the sheet might already have. Followi...

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Notifications on excel


Hello, I would need your help to create a notification on excel. I've got a row of date's and when the date is 90 days prior to the expiry dat...

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Unhide tab in excel


Hello, I have a cell in excel that is either true or false. Based on that then it is linked to a check box. When ever I type the word "True" it ...

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Macro for counting duplicates in raw


Hello, I apologize in advance if even my search efforts have not found an answer to my question, believe me I've tried. Ok, I need ...

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Match data from excell


Hello, I have information in different spreadshits which I would like to match by the name and year of a company. How can I do that? Example: ...

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Excel/vba2010-select cells between 2 keywords


Hi guys, Here's a tricky one. I'm trying to write a macro that starts from the active cell - goes up the column selecting say 20 cells and searches...

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Help with excel


Hello, does anyone kno of a formula that will automatically input the next month. for example if I am starting with 10/28/2011 what is the formu...

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If statements


Hello, I'm trying to create an "if statement" that will allow for the following scenario: B5

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Help for the


Hello, I got a message when i was open the Microsoft Excel i got SKU011.CAB error i want to know how i get this error solutions Thanks Sh...

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Anonymous User

Key 25


Hello, i have a laptop hp pavilion g6, i am a student so i want to work on microsoft office, we ask me to enter a product key, so i don't how do i d...

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Anonymous User

Excel auto populate


Hello, I've created a drop down list as B, I and A. on one sheet I need it to calculate the count automatically. The next sheet has coulmns sa...

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Excel charts / graphs


Hello, I need your help with regards to creating a chart on a different sheet in the same workbook. I've got employee names on top as a row , ...

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Copy/paste formula to variable # of data


Hello, I'm recording a macro where I have data in Col A (it's variable, it can be 5K rows one month, 6K rows another month). I want to copy a for...

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Phonelock forgot the password


Hello, how am I going to open again my phonelock ?? I have forgotten my password . please help . cherry mobile c2 Configuration: Windows 7 / ...

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Sorting and extracting data...


Hello, I need to extract the data from from the cells of Column "B" and placed it into cells of Columns "E" by comparing Column"A" and Column"D"....

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If function


Hello, I am just starting out with formulas and I need some help. What I need is: If the value in Sheet 1 B2 is found anywhere in Sheet 2 colum...

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Cells display a total or text


Hello, I have an excel workbook that has cells that display a currency amount U43, U45, U47, U49, U51 and Q53. For example U43 would have $200 in...

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Outlook 2007 email randomly not sent


Hello, the problem started a few days ago. Randomly Outlook 2007 does not send a message. Looks like it is mostly when I reply to another email. I...

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Conditional format more then 3


Hello, I have seen a solution on your web from aquarelle, but how do i put that in my excel, sorry maybe its a basic question. But i have tried i...

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Excel transfer selected rows


Hello, I have in place a data validation,''list''. I want to be able to transfer selected rows with the different list names into separate worksh...

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