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Conditional formatting


Suppose I have date in Column A (from A1 to A100) and in Column B (from B1 to B100), Both data are numerical. If the data in Column A is greater than...

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Specific data from one worbook to another (excel 2010).


Hello there, I have two workbooks, one is an accounting spread sheet (named Cash Book) and the other has an Invoice Template (sheet 1) and Invoice...

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Excel 2007 custom filter problem


Hello, I have been using Excel 2003 to sort phone numbers easily, using the custom filter and 'begins with' for example on numbers starting with 123. ...

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Microsoft office product key


what is the product key of the app i downloaded?

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Time calculation


Hello, dear all please I need a help for formula to calculate the duration ( hours ) between two dates for example : A1 ---> 1-8-2014 1...

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Formula that i can get a total for d7, if d7= d4 + (c6*d7)


$1,613.00 (Cell D4) (C6) Hours ___ $175.00 (D6) TOTAL (D7) Can any one tell me a formula that i can get a total for D7, if D7= D4 + (C...

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If -then formula needed please... before i head to the roof


Using Excel 2007, I need a formula to do the following: if the date shown in a cell is 1/31/14, display 'monthly activity - january, or if the date...

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Extraction of excel data by using an excel column parameter


Hi, I have a problem in extracting information from an Excel Sheet 1 (entire database), by using an Excel column parameter (Model No) in Sheet 2. S...

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Excel golf skins sheet


I need a micro that will highlight the cell with the lowest unique value in each individual column. It would not highlight anything if there were m...

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How to get free microsoft office?


How to get free microsoft office?

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Vb script to notify/popup


I was having a difficulty in notifying my co-worker to print all the sheets on a workbook. I a thinking if it's possible to have an pop-up message to ...

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Lookuk a value in 2 columns and get value of third (help)


Hello, I have a question I need to lookup a value of col A1 of sheet 1 in col A of sheet 2 and if it matches it gets the corresponding value ...

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Remove duplicated data


Hi, How do I remove duplicated data from 3 different worksheets in excel ? Like I have a column of client names on each worksheets. I need to com...

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Automation of pie chart using the values in excel


Hi, Anybody knows how to convert values into pie chart using macros instead of the insert function? Thanks!

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Forgot my internet password


I forgot my internet password , how can i get it .

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Transferring selected data from multiple worksheets to one


My team uses an excel to track our projects. We have many tabs (8) , but on each tab on Column A, we have a drop down menu that we can select if it's ...

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Locking a range based on a value of a cell


Hello, first I would like to thank every one working at kioskea my issue is , I want to lock a set of cells ( A2:M2) if the cell M2="app" and ...

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Require help to count number


1652 1646 1650 1658 1622 1651 1659 1582 1599 1606 1611 1657 1745 1937 1936 1648 1666 1656 1636 if i type like this in diffrence cel...

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Grater then , less then with number range multiple


if the numbers cell A110 means the cell B1 have to calculate the C1 cell and if A1 20 means the cell D1 have to calculate ...... please let clear...

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Excel "if then" formula


I am looking to create a "If Then" formula for Excel that can put an "X" in the cell if the date I am reffering to (Cell A6) is 0-5 days, next cell 6-...

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Need help comparing dates...


I have dates in one column, I want to enter a $0 value in another column if that date is >= 5 years in the past. Obviously, I'm a relative newbie with...

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Automate excel to shift data so the values in two rows match?


Hello! Please help me with this quandary for my internship. I would greatly appreciate it :) Here is my problem: I want to match ID numbers in two co...

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Copy x row n number of times


Hi. I need the formula to Copy X Row N No.of Times. For Example Col 1 Col 2 ABC 3 DEF 5 GHI 4 O...

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Excel returns false sometimes.... why


I'm using this formula to show the persons age based on date of birth. In some cases it works but in others it returns FALSE. If I change the date of ...

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Excel 2003 if function using dates & text


Hello, I'm trying to write a function for a cell which refers to a date in another cell - which if it is between 01/01/1994 and 31/12/1995 the cell w...

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Format fill colour based on another cell


Hi I would like to format my excel page so that the rows alternate between two fill colors based on whether two cells are equal or not. Here is an ex...

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Transfer cell data from one workbook to another workbook


I am using two workbooks to track account spending for quarterly reporting. Workbook 1: Day Expenses Workbook 2: Monthly Expenses WB1: I have fo...

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Date format change in excel


Hi, I have an excel worksheet with a date column in the format m/d/yyyy h:mm:ss AM/PM. How can I change it to the format d/m/yyyy h:mm? I tried the '...

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Classic menu for word 2010 or 2013?


Can you clarify? Will "Classic Menu for Word" work for Word 2013 or just for 2010? I see both on your download page.

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Help: return day of the week


Hello, I have checklist sort of form that I am printing every month to let them sign for task everyday. from C3 - AG3 it is numbered 1-31 and un...

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Excel - repeat rows to a specific number of times


Hello, Hi Does anybody know how I can repeat rows in a spreadsheet (or into another spreadsheet) by n number of times specified in the cell in...

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Cell auto filled with dots


Hello, I sow it once but not sure where and can't work out how to do it. Basically, if I write things in excel, I need it to be auto filled with do...

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How to delete strings of words from a range of cells


I have a list of website for which some start with www. and others start with http://. I have been trying to remove the "http://" from all the cells a...

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Need formula for automatic date update in same cell


Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of a formula that would allow excel to change a date in a cell automatically once a certain date had passed?...

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Creating a macro to find text and then merge cells


Hi- I need some help with creating a macro. I haven't been able to get it to record correctly and I am completely illiterate in Visual Basic. ...

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Bold text


Hello Sir, I required the macro to bold some specific text in cell like: Below mentioned formula is written in cell ="We are enclosing herew...

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Need vba code to transfer data from sheet3 to row1 of sheet2?


Hi dears, I need a VBA Code which can transfer the LAST ROW's (ie 15 or 29 or may be any other) Data of Sheet 3 to ROW 2 of Sheet 2 . Reason to Trans...

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Split data into several rows of same data


Hello, I would like to split a row of data into several rows of same data in MS Excel. For example, I have an item with standard packing size of 100p...

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How to count number of cells dated this week? or next week?


I've got lots of cells with dates. I want to know how many are THIS WEEK and NEXT WEEK. I'm not sure how to do it... Help would be appreciated...

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Can't send email on outlook 7


I cannot send email on outlook 7 using window 7 ultimate, it's reporting error (0x800cccof) can anyone help on this? Thanks Bobosco

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Date counting with user inputs


Hello, I'm looking for a date counting formula between two dates, where the user defines the total number of days, and Excel will tell them which ...

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Create file xls based on colums & populate data with criteria


Hi, I need a macro that create some new file (txt or xls it doesen't matter) starting from an existing xls. The existing xls named "Arretrati" h...

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Product key of ms publisher


I want to know the product key of Ms publisher downloaded from your website.

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Auto filling bill number and date


hi i need a macro for my office use the condition is like this sheat one input ...

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How to insert multiple conditions in a formula?


I have 2 cells, and I proceed like this with a formula and basically, if cell A2 meets a condition, then cell B4 shows the word "Good" =IF(A2>=100...

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Excel - shortcut key print preview


Hello, What is the short cut in excel 2003 for print preview. Please give me solution. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6

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Hafiz Pakistani

Insert word in cell based on value in another cell?


CONDITIONAL FORMATTING for cell A2: if value in cell C3 is > than 500, then insert word "alert" in cell A2 what would the formula look like? I ...

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Conditional formatting of entire column


Hello, I have two columns in excel 2010 which are generated by sensors measuring the same thing. In theory the 2 columns should be the same...of c...

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Round up formula for time


Hi All. I need an excel macro to populate a cell with a time slot based on the previous column which is a datetime value. e.g. if column A is 1-Apr-...

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The value of a name


Hello, I've been playing a lot of dark souls 2, and I'm trying to make a spread sheet to have the value for armor (to start). I plan on making ...

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