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Adding data from one column using another


Hello, I am having a real problem with an Excel formula. I have a worksheet with variable rows and a number of columns. I need to add together t...

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Countif formula


Hello, I have one excel file in that Colom "B" has the "pending or Closed" Status and Colom "C" has "Sevirity 1, Sevirity 2 and Sevirity 3" I wa...

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To retrieve the particular cell value


Hello, Can you please provide me with a macro VBA code In "Sheet1" i have values in 'A' and 'B' columns. Sheet1: A B 1 Name ...

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Clear cell contents based on color


Hello, I have a range of cells (E7:AI18) which I want to delete the contents of, if the color is white, gray-25% or gray-80%. So if cell E7 has ...

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Vlookup - find value 3,4,5 etc..


Hello, I can use a vlookup to find the first and second value using True or False after the formula. However i would like to able to find more valu...

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Hiding a cell if value equals x


Hello, I want to do the following in EXCEL. I have a formula which works out the cost of one item at $35 plus adds $3.8 per item thereafter. Tf ...

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Vba underscore trouble


Hello, I wrote a simple VBA code which is pretty long, so I want to use a underscore to continue on the next line. Here is an example of the cod...

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Access database restarts computer


Hello, I have an Access 2003 split database that I have been working on for some time now and today when I go to open it my computer does a restart, ...

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“false” result not working on if formula


Hello, This is the formula: =IF(Z2>=TIME(11|59|0)|"Afternoon"|"Morning") The contents in cell Z2 is 10:31:30. I was hoping my formula result w...

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Vba: error 9; subscript is out of reach


Hello, Depending on the value of a specific cell (sheet "gegevensblad" cell L10), I would like to hide 1 out of 2 sheets (Either Overzichtsgrafieke...

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List month from any given year in excel


Hello, i 0got a spreadsheet (data) as below date status 1-jan-1975 approved 1-feb-1980 suspended 5-mar-1985 rejected 10...

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Activating macro


Hello, I have made a calender which I want to prepare for next year with the press of a button. Here is the file:

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Require help in excel


Hello, Pls help me by suggesting any formula or function for selecting two minimum values from range of numbers in excel spreadsheet. For exampl...

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Trouble activating macro


Hello, I've got a macro which runs on 12 worksheets. When the result of a formula changes I want the macro to do his job. What I do now is manu...

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Conditional formating for entire rows


Hello, First I would like to thank Aquarelle for her kind words, regarding asking questions. I'm working on a calender where each day has a diff...

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Install ms office 2003


Hello, My name Am from Cambodia. I'm studying the Information of Technology of year 2 at a private university in Siem Reap-Angkor. I wonder"how can I...

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Excel worksheet help


Hello, So i've tried like hell to figure this out but have no programming skills at all. I have basic excel experience most of it self taugh or what...

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Excel 2007 timeline, help please


Hello, timeline, help please im looking for a formula to fill in a cell with either s,p,v or h depending on data taken from sheet 2. the data...

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Possible to extract partial data in excel?


Hello, I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains around 1500 html links. All the addresses start out common... i.e. W...

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Excel formular problem


Hello, =IF(B2=1,"Entertainment","") I have this formular which when i type a value into one colume it will display text in another and the end o...

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mubashir aziz

Macro to find last blank cell in column


Hello, Can anyone help me with this please? I want a macro to run in Excel to do the following: 1. Go to a column and working from the top down fin...

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Excel total range of values


Hello, I'm trying to get a range of values totalled. I have one set of columns, lets say column A1 to A200, ranging from -30 up to 1000 and another ...

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mubashir aziz

Calculate the sum of rows using macro


Hello, I need some help with the folowing problem. I have a table with changing length of rows and columns. I need to calculate the sums of the rows ...

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My replies are not appearing


Hello, I"m giving replies in Office Software Section but my replies are not appearing. May be some problem in Site???????? -- Never ashamed to...

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Above cell


I get a large database every week in which I have to insert a row every row different than the one above, it is a tedeous task that takes me hours, I'...

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Excel column sort


Hello, i have a list of numbers/letters titles written like: 1KFLS921 there are around 2000 of these listed down column A. i have the same l...

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Microsoft office ?


Hello, Does Microsoft Office work on Windows Vista ?

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Excel - reset / replace seconds to zero


Hello, i have an Excel 2007 file which has in sheet1 the time people enter to the system with the format ex. 11:55:31 AM and i need to reset all the ...

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Send value of cell to target


Is it possible to send the value of a cell (copy and paste special) to another cell where the value would not be disturbed when the source value chang...

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Excell macro help required


Hello, I have 3 Excell Workbooks, i need to create a master sheet, but when ever i update the master sheet the data updated shouls reflect in all t...

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Need help in excel macro


Hello Ivan, Ive' been reading a lot of your answers and i'm quite facinated of your skill. I need to create a macro for one of my project and it i...

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Excel help


Hello, Ok am not that experienced with excel, so if any one can helo would be great. I have a huge spreadsheet and i am constantly updating it. ...

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Having excel if formulas print text and calc


Hello, I am trying to get Excel IF formulas to print text and calculation based on true/false. Such as, if I have some dates, and I don't need to s...

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Need for dfd


Hello, i am devendra mishra i am working on project hospital management i am not getting the dfd(data flow diagram) of the project so pl...

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What is my email server address?


Hello, just trying to set up outlook express for the first time. i bought an iphone and the only way (im told) to save / sync my contacts information...

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Ms-word asks for converter


Hello, I have some Ms-word files of 2003..But every time upload the system with Vista i cannot read my saved word continusely asks f...

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Count and summarise records in excel 2003


Hello, Sorry to bother you but I have a minor problem with a spreadsheet and I don't know how to resolve the issue or whether it is possible u...

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Create msg/popup to notify in excel vba


Hello, I need a Excel VB script to notify/popup a message when the number of the letter U on a calendar exceeds 6, 8, 12 etc. It will have to check...

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Siebel SME

Converting date format in excel sheet


Hello, I have a cell which contains date in the format dd/mm/yyyy, but i need to convert to mm/dd/yyyy in excel how can i do this?

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Help to find


Hello, can any one tell me how to find my outlook express on my computer so i can get a email thats in it.thank.

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Excel 2003 please help with concat dilemma


Hello, I need one column to show the following text: prxyz,(Data1 here),0699,ABCD(Data2 here),xxx Data1 is in Column A and Data2 is in Column B....

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Excel x-reference


Hi there friends, I have a excel spread sheet that i am using to keep track of sales. What i need is a formula or function that will check a lis...

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Count number of cells matching to criteria


Hello, I have two column lists (one value in each cell) the first { 1 2 3 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 } and the second {A B C C C B B A A C } and I am attempting...

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Offset property


Hello, I am trying to create a Macro that sizes itself up using the adjacent column and the paste it. Simply to use it for a Pivot table for exampl...

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If then and statement help


Hello Everyone, I am trying to make a formula work and I'm having a headache from it. Here it is: =IF(AND($B$2

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Windows file-explorer working slowly


Hi to all! I've had several problems with my Windows Explorer. The opening or saving a file through several software is not working fast or sometime...

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Product code


Hello, i am trying 2 activate my word settings. my comp kleeps asking me for a product key, when i enter the from underneath my comp it keeps sayin...

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Burrotech office mail and outlook 2007


Hello all, I believe this is what caused my problem. I recently installed Burrotech Office Mail, a stand-alone email server, on my USB drive to do s...

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Can't make two loops work


Hello, here's my problem. I've got codes in column D that may show up more than once. On column A I've got a list of all available codes, and in colum...

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Copy field to end of another field


Hello, I would need a macro that would help me copy caracters in colomn A to the end of what is in colomn B. Can anyone help me please? Ex: ...

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