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I cannot restore a sql server database in a new location.


Hello, Made backup of the database on server c, SQL Server 2012, moved on to the local computer with SQL Server 2012, restore database does not ...

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Want to copy and archive certain files every day?

Hi folks, I need something that will let me, with as few clicks as possible, copy and then archive a list of specific files from different location...

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Using a batch file to open a word document that someone is using


Hi All, I know I said I'd steer away from programming, but here I am again - stuck on a "simple" task ... As always your help would be appreciated....

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What is bootstrap??? help me


Hello, guys how can i design my own website like this Configuration: Windows / Chrome 43.0.2357.81

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Best mobile app development platform?

Hello everyone! I would like to ask all the developers out there, what is their favorite mobile app development platform?

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Macro help!!

Hi there! I'm trying to write a macro to do the following: I need to save the first 10 tabs (of 20) in an excel workbook as their own individual re...

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How to open dbf file?


Hi All, I have a dbf file that I want to open from a delphi app, if I create a ODBC system DSN, select "driver do microsoft dBase(*.dbf)" select ver ...

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Cd won't work

I have a toshiba laptop and I'm trying to install the sims from a cd but my laptop is saying that there is an error. The cd is my friends and she has ...

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Formula to find&replace blank cells in excel


Hello, I am looking for a formula/method of finding a blank cell in a column and replacing it with the text in the previous cell. example: cell A1:A...

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Java development environment ?

Hi, I am looking for a software where I can write (execute, save and open) my simple programs in Java. Any suggestions? Please help me anyone.

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Vba coding

Hello everybody. I am a newbie when it comes to VBA. I hoping your help to check the following code and give me a solution. Please help me to corr...

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Vba batch combine multiple columns into 1

Can't get union or intersect to combine these column segments into 1 column. Please help. Thanks. Sub Merge_Data() Dim SummarySheet As Works...

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Mysql column cannot be null

Hello, i am running MySQL 5.5 with MyISAM engine in use. Recently i created a table with some columns and everytime i try to add a null into one of th...

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Count day

Hello, i need equation that i can used to count number of days in the year. eg, on !st of January: N=1 and on 1st of February: N=31

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Delete/remove local user from local admin gro


Hello, we added 1000 computers to a domain/AD. Bfore deployment they imaging guy created a local user with admin rights just for administrative purp...

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Plz solve these problems using "c" (graphics)


1. Create Concentric Circles. 2. Draw Indian Flag. 3. Create a Spiral 4. Draw a line chart 5. Draw a pie chart 6. Draw a RAINBOW and fill the su...

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Copying php script from book and get error

Hello, I m recently started to study php I m copying the example script from the ebook but I get the following error Parse error: syntax err...

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Change the cell background color, based on another cells color

Hello, i have a spreadsheet with Sheet 1 and Sheet 2. There is a list of employee names in column A and dates across row A. If an Employee is of...

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How can I convert PF to word?

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Dynamic range in excel using vb6


Hello, Im creating a application in which i want to export my data to excel. Now im directly coming to the problem. i want to use sum function at en...

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My .dbf file is corrupted, help!!


Hi everyone. My .DBF file is corrupted .i tried some ways but I cannot repair it. Are there any tools or programs? Preferably free! Thanks in adva...

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Changing username

How can I change my username> Do I have to cancel the acct. and start a new one? -- "There's no place like home." Your own home is the most comf...

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Pros and cons of python


Hello, Can you tell me the pros and cons of python but i am a beginner so can u plz tell me in simple words. I'm doing a control assessment in...

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Finding file type

hello, i have a file named "sxase" in my home directory.on checking the properties i find that the file type is ".mp4".i am looking for a java code t...

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Route command


Hello, i try to route my computer using route command in DOS to another network, the routing is ok but now when i try to open the file server on my n...

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Bat file timestamp

Hi, Can someone please suggest how to echo timestamp from a bat file to show in the log file the time for each updated line due to batfile run. I...

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Simple way to learn c language


Hello, i want to learn c language but i have got totally confused in some programs. is there any simple way to learn it or tell any book for it.

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How to store textbox value in database


Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0 hello.. im a new user of im creating an webpage using VB code. I wanted to k...

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How to add image in website

Hello, can u tell m,e how can i add image in website using html

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How can conect my phone android to visual studio 2013?

well i have visual studio 2013 with xamarin android and ios the i have some emulators ther but i dont like those emulators my question is, how do i do...

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Enabling macros on shared workbooks

Hello, is there a way to share a workbook with macros or VBA codes?? Thanks...... Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.11

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How do i fix the problem below

How do I fix this problem and recover my website this is all I see when I log on to my site.Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ...

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I just download "recover my file". how to activate this program

I just download "Recover My File". How to activate this program help me please.

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Hex editor code unknown


i open an .exe file through hex editor. wanna modify the game but cannot read the code. plz hlp me how to

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Trouble reading files, error -523 ( service transaction error)

We are backing up mailboxes on an Exchange 2007 server and have recently started seeing a backup error on one mailbox out of about 25. T-597: PtSen...

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How can i read a weight from a mettler toledo scale via rs232

how to read the weight(mg) data from a mettler Toledo via RS232 using Delphi. I've tried to write the coding to read the data from serial port but i ...

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Xxxx.dbf corrupted


Received a System Error when trying to pack and rebuild. Error number 2091. Version 9.32 Build 9.32.20080629 (13.00) Error message: Table "C:\xxxx....

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Will "this" work for a jpanel that is extended??


Hello, I am writing a small program in Java, and it is an interface which I would like to center on the page. I know that to have a GUI open in the ...

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How can I Apply Simulation Between two Applications Using ASP.NET , And Give Me An Example ?

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Sent email structure

Hello sir, I am anuj Chuahan . I need to know what is the basic email sending structure Thanks and regards ' anuj

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C++ programming

hi i have created a multiplication table but its giving me only one table at a time i just need to know that if i need all the nine tables at once as ...

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Hi,why is use ADD.PARAMETER( ) is ASP.NET ,Please help for solution by coding

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Please help me for making bouncing ball in turbo c


#include #include #include Int main() { Int gd= detect,gm; Int x,yx,ix,iy; X=0; Y=0; Initgraph(&gd,&gm, "c:\\TC\\BGI"); While(!kbhit()) ...

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Code in turbo c a bouncing ball

code in turbo c a bouncing ball in simple in four direction i shell b very thank full to you

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How can i restored or refurmat

i asked for how can i restored or refurmat about my cellphone like cherrymobile W9

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Courses on internet


Hello, I am searching for free online courses on the internet for java, javascript, SQL server, MySQL, AJAX, html can anyone help me ?

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Hi, May I install this program on my laptop My Best Izzy

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.bat file current date


Please help me to generate the current date in the given command @echo off START "C:\cyware\retail\jobqueue\bin" pos_mallrep.exe 1 c:\rockwell

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How to use random in c programming


How many syntax random in C programming with example?

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Je veux une programation de la methode de gauss en matlab


Je veux le code de la methode de gauss en matlab -- Sent from CCM Live forum for iPhone/iPad

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