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Crystal report


Hello, i need free key for SAP crystal report 2013

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Hello, need key for SAp Crystal report 2013

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Is c hard to learn?


Hello All, I am just passout to my college and I am student from computer science and want to learn C. Any reference websites where we can ...

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How can I force my desktop shortcut to my downloads folder to open in ACDSEE and not in explorer? Thanks

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Hey i have a missunderstanding about just one line code about oop in c#

static void remplir(out int[] tab){tab=null;string reponse;bool trouve = false; int i=0;while(!trouve){i++;reponse=console.readline();if(reponse==""...

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.bat file - question

hi i have a .bat file. i have questions about it that i hope you explain them to me. ( i searched internet but i could not site that explain it ...

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Asking for a language system.

Hello Dear, Can I search there with Bangla language?

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Change color for cells in a row that are the same as the cell in a row above

Hello, how do I ensure that the VB code changes the colour of cells that are right above it? Sub ChangeColor() lRow = Range("C3:I3").End(xlUp).Row...

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Batch file show all folders in directory and enters into user's selected folder

Hello , I am searching for a batch file that shows all folders in a current directory and takes user input to enter into a particular folder, this ...

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Same code working on 000webhost online server but not on both wamp and xampp

Hello, I have this link on page1.php abandon And this is the code for page2.php So as mentioened in the title this code doesn't and dispays a bl...

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How to display data from mysql table using dynamic links ?


Hello, I search for some tutorials about this subject but I don't find any. This is my php link on page1.php : car And this is the operation I try...

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Return to line between two gathers " "

Hello, is there a way to return to the line in sublimetext at the level of the text which is between the gathers "", without crushing the code? on s...

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Please review my javascript code because it's not working

// search functionalitysearch = function(){query = document.getElementById('search').value;if (query == "") {return;}found = -1; // initialize found t...

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Itunes 64 bit problem


Hello, I keep having this problem with itunes when I try to connect my ipod touch to itunes. I keep getting this error message that says this ipod ...

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Macro to compare sheets(jan & feb), highlight the difference, copy the comme

Hello, Could you please help me to provide me the macro for below conditions. Macro to compare two excel sheets(Jan & Feb) , highlight the diff...

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Macro vba

I have a macro that saves my file to a specific folder. However, when I save the file it adds in text that should not be there Sub Save_FileName_B...

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What is protected configuration?

Hi, What is Protected Configuration?

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Saving image path to access database and retrieving images


Hello, I am stuck with how to save an image path to my database please could anyone help. I have a picture box and a file dialogue. I select a pic...

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Base de données sql


Bonjour les gars J'ai un petit projet à faire qui consiste à la création d'une base de données: modélisation : schéma MCD schéma MLD. Et d...

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Ratnendra Ashok  

Error in code


Hello, how to make function like this : I want java ( graphical interface and write code ) Thank you

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How to apply themes for application?


Hello, How can we apply themes to an application? Please do guide on these as I am beginner in this field. Thank you in advance.

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What is cross page posting?

Hi, What is Cross Page Posting?

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Which validator control to use?

Hello, Which validator control do you use if you need to make sure the values in two different controls matched?

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Code files of different languages in app_code folder

Hello, How can we add code files of different languages in App_Code folder?

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What protocol is used to call a web service?

Hello, Which protocol is used to call a web service?

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What's the use of response.output.write()?


Hello, What's the use of Response.Output.Write()?

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Make preselected dropdown list -2 mysql databases


Hi All, Im stuck again - just when I think I know something I prove I dont! Im looking to create a drop down list which is pre-selected from dat...

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How to export datatable to excel using c# in

Hello, I would like to know how can I easily export datatable to excel file using C#? I am currently using GridView Thanks

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Why is my background image not loading ?

Hello, I'm new to creating websites and I'm now following a tutorial to guide me. Unfortunatly, eventho I write exactly as the tutorial, my websit...

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Python 3.7 attributeerror: 'str' object has no attribute 'append'

Hello, Greetings, please can you help me on the below issue? am a self learner of python and having issue debugging the below code. get below the ...

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Debug page

previous days, my web designing was working properly but two days ago when i loaded a web project on google, a debug page appeared on my web file fold...

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How to force ssl on my website?


Please guide me how to redirect HTTP to HTTPS?

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Convert binary into text


Hey Can you convert this binary 11100010 10000000 10001101 into text Thank you

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Database and php (or html) hyperlinks


I have found myself with a bit of time on my hands so I'm revisiting a PHP web site I developed some time ago whilst messing about so I thought I woul...

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Start screen

Start screen was deleted over a year ago. If I restart it will I loose files?

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How find this syntax error..

syntax error, unexpected '}'

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Android app, sql database, and qr codes

Ok - a new project in an area have never played with before. I am trying to build an android app where the user scans a QR code (or a bar code) and...

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Prestashop callback function payment validating

Hello recently I starting to use PrestaShop 1.7. I would like to know how I can call a callback method after the payment is validating. Thanks f...

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Undefined index in even with if(isset($_post[.....


I have my IT exam tomorrow and I am stuck with this problem. I still get the Undefinex Index error in php even with the "if(isset.." code. How can I ...

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How to save output of ping command in a text file?


Hello, i want to save the output of either dos prompt or either c program output in a fixed file.that output I will be use in future. Configu...

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Re-using results of batch script?

Hiya :) I'm reasonably new to using batch scripts - and essentially I want a way to be able to resolve an active directory domain name on a machin...

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Circle movement in turbo c


I have drawn a circle within a circle. Now I want to give random movement to the inner circle. Plz tell me how will I do it in turbo c. Regards ...

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Undefined index error in php

Hello May someone have time for this I have a error in the following code It's undefined index error Please help me ...

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Explanation of code

Hello, while(key!=27) { while(!kbhit()){ putimage(l,t,ball,XOR_PUT); delay(5); putimage(l,t,ball,XOR_PUT); can you explain the above ...

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Php programming


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How to make database connectivity in


Hello, I am looking for the database connectivity in with sql server 2005 or NS Access 2007. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

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Sql statement/php

i got an unidentified index error in this line 6 and 7 please help

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Qbasic download

I have been looking for a qBasic download compatible with 64-bit system (windows 8) but have been unsuccessful. Any ideas anybody?

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Microsoft sql server 2008 error

I like to use MS SQL Server 2008 R2, it is the favorite version of program. But some days ago it viewed me - Fortw2.mdf is not a primary database file...

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Undefined index error on home.php

I am getting Undefined Index error at home.php but all linked files are in the same directory. this is the log file. Please help PHP Notice: Undefine...

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