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Macros to delete rows in excel 2007


Hello, I want to delete the rows which contains number less than value 1000 in one column. For instance, I have column AJ which shows the value...

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Sqlconnection in

Good Morning Sir/Mam How to connect to the sqlconnention with microsoft visual studio 2008 and sql server 2005. please give ne the some importan...

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Atul Tiwari

How do i turn on java script

hey, im trying to watch videos on youtube and it says i have to turn on java script how do i do that??? i have windows internet explorer

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Autorefresh a site

Hi there! How do i autorefresh a site that popups a box that says: The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information... Press Retry or C...

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Visual basic question!!!!!

Hello, I want to make a kind of executable in visual basic that helps me link to other executables like Autorun.exe on a cd. i made one using the ...

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Summary formula of cells?


Hello, I want to be able to show a bar graph for the following 3 pieces of data:- Work Received Work in Progress Work Completed Curren...

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Date and f9 automation urgent!!

Hello, I have a report in EXCEL 2007 that has a master sheet. On the Master sheet I have a DATE field that currently has to be manually updated ever...

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File listing and creation date in ms dos

Hello, Is it possible to get the complete file name (including path), file creation date listing recursively in MS DOS? Thanks a lot in advance ...

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Iphone touche prableme

Hello, how can i put themese of china iphone touche version onecom_v188 in this mobile? wheris best themes of it? Configuration: Windows XP / ...

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Online passport reservation system

Hello, I need a miniproject on 'Online Passport Reservation System'. Can anyone provide me such project? Please reply as soon as possible.

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How does virtualbox work?

Hello, I instal VirtualBox on windows 7,but i dont know how it work. i create an os,windows xp but when i start it,only a blak window appear with th...

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Make a password to .exe files

Hello, I need to know if there is a way to make maybe a password on .exe files or a password to delete .exe files? Please answer! Or how to make...

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Connecting the database in .net

Hello, Please help me, I was trying to connect the database with the but i encountered with an error which says "The type or namespace na...

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Software development

Hi, I am new member. I am not from any technical background but still like very much on how to develop application software and doing research regul...

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Copy a single cell per sheet to another workb

Hello, I need a macro in Excel] 2010 to copy a single cell "n18" from each sheet in workbook "A" to a corresponding cell "C19" of each sheet of w...

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Batch file,change filename with system date

I wrote a bat file like this, to change a file name, test.txt to testMonthDayYearTime.txt here is what i wrote: ren c:\example\test.txt test%d...

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Shital Mehra

Unable to download oracle 10g/11g software

Hello, Dear , i am not able to get the actual link from which i can download the oracle software so quickly. iam getting the link but unable to down...

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How can i run a batch file at a specific time

Hello, I have an applikation that I want to stop and than start 5 min after thru 2 batch files How do I do that? I'm not very use to this so plea...

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Shital Mehra

Sql error connection

Hello; please help me. when i open my SQLEXPRESS 2005 and connection ,find this error =================================== Cannot connect to...

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Stumped on vb


Hello, I am using Excel 2007. In "Sheet1" i am utilizing columns A-O with first rows having headers. In column A, I have repeating descriptors (7...

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Ms access window application to c# . net web


Hello, Please help, I have a window application done in Ms Access and backend is Ms SQL 2005. I would like convert it into C# . Net web applicatio...

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Header file or how to run graphics in c free

Hello, this is kishore i have recently installed c free 5 software for c programs in this I am unable to run graphics programs so ple...

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Using .bat file to open file in diff location


Hello, I'm working on developing a menu for a USB flash drive. I have .bat file that opens a spreadsheet with a program that is installed on th...

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I need a restriction cod of nokia mobile pho


Hello, Hope you are doing well, I need a restriction cod of Nokia mobile phone which I am going to be use it in Afghanistan please looking for you...

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Help (how to sql connection in with f

Hello, i am ishwar from bhavnagar help me Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.0

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Visual basic 6

Hello, please help me.. how to connect Vb6 to ms access 2003? can someone explain to me? thank you..

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Combine 3 columns into 1 column (not 1 cell)

Hello, I have a few columns from different worksheets I need to combine into one column, but not like merging two cells into one cell. It lo...

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Msn webcams :s

Hiaaa, I downloaded msn onto my laptop and i tried to show my webcam with my friend but it automatically went into a video call. When my friends inv...

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How to do mutiple file renaming

Hello, I want to rename contents of one folder(MS doc files) using the names of the images (gif)in a different folder. As the number of files are ...

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Hello, i need source code of snake in C language that i can run it in borland C.

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Pranav Vegeta +2 student

Wap setting in my phone tecno 0707


Hello, i need wap setting in my phone i need to be browsing with my phone thanks my number is 07068380474

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efa okokon

How to find values between a range and delete


Hello, I don't know where to begin in writing this macro. If i have column J with values & I want to search for any values BETWEEN ranges of 1.00...

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File transfer via wifi

Hello, is it possibe to exchange of files from laptop to micromax Q7 via wifi?

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Search code for desktop application

Hello, i want to create search code for desktop application.i have 3 keywords for search.if i select radio button and selected data retrieve that...

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Can not change the profile now its in headset

Hello, why i can not change the profile ? sound i can not listen out side must use headfone and i need password pls ans me as soon as,

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Script to edit multiple files


Hello, How do I go about writing a script that will edit multiple text files? This is to be performed on 4 different servers that are Dell 1850's r...

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How to establish connection with server datab

Hello, Hiii everybody, I just want to know that how to fetch the data from remote server in to our application? as we establish the connection wit...

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I need your help please, with a calculation..

Hello, I would like to request your assistance? How do I calculate to see how many times a number shows up in a spreadsheet? 1122333 10/18/...

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Write a c program using graphical option

Hello, write a c program using graphical option for analog speedometer.

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Vb 6.0 software

hi, can anybody tell me from which site i can download vb 6.0 for free. i stay in uae thanks & regards

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Convert system in access 2003 to acces 2007

Hello, sir, actually in my practical place, my manager have giving me a complete system that works in access 2003, but then if I want to open in acce...

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Backup files from one drive to another


Hello, I am trying to write a batch file that will let me backup folders on my Windows box to an external hard drive and have no idea how to write ba...

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Code for and ms access

i want d code for displaying the data from database into datagrid

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Graphics in c language


Hello, 1.write a c program tyo draw a sphere? 2 write a c program to draw a rounded rectangle? 3.write a program to draw an ellipse, half colored?

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Not a win 32 application

Hello, i have problem with the setup.exe file of office 2010, it gives the error that it is not valid wim32 application. please help me out......

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Sql server 2005 on windows 7


I have installed sql server 2005 on windows 7 , but I have a connection problem, error 18456. I can't connect to DB engine.Please help if you can . I...

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Dataset error


Hello, sir ..... SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(@"Server=ASHOK\MYSQLSERVER;Database=sample;Trusted_Connectopn=True"); ...

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How to open mdb access file whenever jpg imag

Hello there I would like to know how I can get that every time a user opens a particular jpg image file, then a mdb access file is opened as well. ...

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Oracle assign grant and revoke privileges


Hello, i am working with oracle 9i. I use SQL+ to execute queries of SQL using username Scott and password tiger. to implement TCL(transaction ...

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Drawing an spher

Hello, Could i get the source code for a program in C for drawing a sphere, thnx.

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