Genshin Impact 4.7: Clorinda, Spiral Abyss, and other rumors

Genshin Impact 4.7: Clorinda, Spiral Abyss, and other rumors

According to leaks, version 4.7 will feature new characters, including the main DPS character Clorinda, and a new story quest involving an important NPC.

When will Genshin Impact version 4.7 be released?

Version 4.7 of Genshin Impact will be released in June 2024 (the official exact date has not yet been announced, but there is every reason to expect that this will happen in June, when the development of version 4.6 ends), and there is already a lot of anticipation and discussion online among fans of this popular Gacha game from HoYoverse studio (formerly miHoYo). While version 4.6 is being tested, there are already plenty of leaks  that you can trust or not, but still this is so far the only source of information about the characters, quests and other new features of the upcoming version 4.7 of the next episode of the Teyvat adventure.

© Arlecchino was a new character in version 4.6; HoYoverse

What are the new characters and story quests in the new version of the game?

Leaks suggest that the upcoming new version of Genshin Impact there will be a new Spiral Abyss with rewards of 600 Primogems, which will have 8 floors. There are also some speculations that one of the important past characters, Dainsleif, will return to the game, bringing with him a quest around Fontaine.

Twitter user hxg_diluc suggested that version 4.7 will introduce three new characters: Sigewinne (5-star, Hydro, Bow, Healer) , Sethos (4-star, Electro, Sword), and Clorinde (5-star, Electro, Sword, DPS).

© HoYoverse

What is known about Clorinda?

The greatest interest in the community was caused by Clorinda as the main DPS character. According on of the sources in the Genshin Impact Leaks community, Clorinda will be a powerful character: she will have an invincibility framewill and will hold a gun in one hand and a sword in the other, and her Elemental Skill will allow players to switch between combat modes. Along with Sigevinn, she will be one of the final two playable main characters from Fontaine's Archon Quests. Armed with a pistol, Clorinda will become a 5-star Electro Sword at the start of Fontaine's upgrade cycle.

There is a lot of speculation about who Clorinda's teammates will be, with Nahida, Zhongli, Baizhu, Furinu and Yelan named in the game's community, but there is no exact information about this.

Clorinda was very lucky with Constellations: the first Constellation guarantees a follow-up attack after every normal attack, and the second Constellation increases her interrupt resistance, an increasingly valuable trait in Genshin Impact.

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