How to contact Roblox support: number, email

How to contact Roblox support: number, email

Roblox has taken customer service and ensuring quality gameplay to all users very seriously. In addition, they take good care of the target audience and have an exclusive section to facilitate moderation for parents. This way, youngsters can play and create video games safely. In this article we show how to contact them in case of issues related to the platform.

What are the most common Roblox problems and errors?

Roblox has a specific section in its website that includes different options where to find the most frequent problems and doubts accompanied by a detailed solution. These are:

  • Problems related to user accounts.
  • Problems related to billing and payments.
  • Parents guidance for use, security and moderation.
  • Doubts related to construction.
  • Social networks and merchandise.
  • Problems related to devices and technology.
  • Gameplay Q&A.
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Clicking on each section will redirect us to a list of problems related to the section we have clicked. For example, when selecting Roblox Account:

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How to contact Roblox tech support directly?

If you do not find the solution you need in Roblox's help section, you have the possibility to fill in a form that will be reviewed by the technical and customer support. Later, they will contact you offering a solution. You can access the contact form here.

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Fill out all the fields and describe your problem, add the most important details for your problem in the most specific way, this to guarantee an even better service. We recommend you to include your user name. Finish, and simply click on Send. 

Unfortunately there is not a number or email that you can use to contact Roblox directly, you have to use the contact form. 

Roblox DevHub Developer Center

As an extra fun help, in the developer center you can find articles, tutorials related to the site's features, construction, gameplay, scripts, connecting with other programmers, getting started guides, and much more! Visit Roblox DevHub.

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