• How to use and setup Google Chromecast

    If you have always dreamed of watching your favorite Netflix series or inviting friends over to watch sports (streamed online) on a widescreen TV, you can do so using a Chromecast device. In this article, you will learn how to set it up, cast movies, and use it for business purposes.

  • Best budget 4K TVs for gaming

    If you are fortunate enough to own a Xbox Series X/S or a PS5 it may good time to think about upgrading your TV to a 4K display so you can make the most of the image quality, high frame rates and improved gameplay the next generation of consoles are capable of. This article will show you some of the best TVs for 4K gaming for under $2000, and the key features that you need to cons.

  • The best online streaming services

    If you would like to watch TV online on your computer there are several options available. Most streaming options such as Netflix and Hulu are paid, but free alternatives are also available. In this article, you'll find several popular sites to watch TV online from your computer or another personal device.

  • Superhero series to watch: on Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO

    In many ways, superhero comics are living in a golden age. Whether as games, films, tv series or on-demand on streaming platforms, these superhero adventures are ever present in our lives and include everyone from the famous Marvel characters, to the more independent Dark Horse label. If you're a fan of superheroes (and realistically, who isn't?!), then check out our list below of the best superhero series available on streaming platforms.

  • What is Apple One: subscription, features

    Apple One is the latest all-in-one subscription deal to come from the tech giant which will group together all its streaming services in various bundles. Announced in September 2020, Apple One will be available to customers in 3 different price packages with each offering different combinations of their most popular services including iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus and more, at reduced prices.

  • How to use Stremio: add-ons, for free, on iPhone, Android

    Stremio is a platform for streaming audiovisual productions that has two main functions: to allow viewing free content thanks to the installation of plug-ins and to locate a series, film or program from among all the streaming services available, such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and others. In this article, we explain how to use Stremio to watch series without paying anything thanks to installing some add-ons quickly and simply.

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