When is Arcane Season 2 is coming out: trailer, plot, cast

When is Arcane Season 2 is coming out: trailer, plot, cast

The wait for Arcane Season 2 was so long and there were already so many assumptions about the possible continuation of the story of the sisters Vi and Jinx that we decided to systematise here all the news and rumors about the upcoming release of the sequel to this Netflix hit.

Arcane: League of Legends has become one of the most successful shows on Netflix, reaching #1 on the streaming platform's charts in over 50 countries. Never before has a streaming series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animation, and Arkan did just that by adding an Annie Prize to its list of awards. The series attracted not only the army of League of Legends' players, but also a wider audience, and therefore many are looking forward to the release of the second season of this fantasy epic.

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When will Arcane Season 2 be released?

The creators announced back in the fall of 2021 that the continuation of the series was launched, and fans of the League of Legends universe were waiting for its release first last year, 2022, and then this year ... But Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent hastened to calm their expectations a little, saying that the desire making it as good as possible delays the release somewhat, and it will definitely not be released before the beginning of 2024. Oh! Well, there is not much left to wait, because autumn and the New Year are coming soon! Usually, the most important premieres happen in November, if not in December...

Riot Games has posted a video on YouTube that tells the story of the birth of the series from the game, with developer interviews and other League of Legends moments.

At the end of 2022, it was reported that already in the process of storyboarding and voice acting, the creators decided to make changes to the scripts, having received some feedback and suggestions from the team members. Well, in order to achieve perfection, sometimes you need to redo something. The main thing is that the result does not disappoint! "I just watched the third episode of season 2 before my flight, so we are making progress on it", made us jealous Nicolo Laurent. 

Is there an official teaser for Season 2?

Riot Games released a teaser back in November 2021, after which there were no other videos previewing new episodes of the series. However, there are so many spoilers, conjectures and predictions about the plot of the next season and the fate of its heroes that it seems that the viewers themselves seem to be creating a continuation of the series. 

What will happen in Arcane Season 2?

We will meet again with Vi, Jinx, Singed, Viktor, Ekko, Caitlyn, Jayce and Heimerdinger. Singed will still play an important role as he has massive powers and created Jinx, Warwick and Twitch. In the game, he leaves Zaun to take part in the invasion of Ionia.

The standoff between Piltover and Zaun will continue and may escalate after Jinx fires a missile at the Piltover Council and possibly kills Mel Medard.

We will also apparently be following Ekko and the development of his supernatural abilities after Heimerdinger took over the underground city and met with Ekko.

Perhaps Arcane Season 2 will not continue where the first season left off, but with a certain time skip. We will see new places and areas of Runeterra. Since not all of the game's characters were introduced in the first season, it can be assumed that we will see new faces in the sequel. In addition, there will definitely be transformations with characters that you can guess based on the context of the game. In the first season, Viktor was on the side of the forces of good and regretted his experiments with Hexcore, but in League of Legends we know Viktor as a cyborg villain, so...

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Who will be in the cast of Season 2?

We can already say with a high degree of certainty that in the second season we will hear the following voices:

  • Jinx - Ella Purnell
  • Vi - Hailee Steinfeld
  • Singed - Brett Tucker
  • Caitlyn - Katie Leung
  • Viktor - Harry Lloyd 
  • Jayce - Kevin Alejandro
  • Heimerdinger - Mick Wingert
  • Ekko - Reed Shannon
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