Top romantic movies on Netflix (2023)

Top romantic movies on Netflix (2023)

If your partner is not very romantic, then try to watch romantic movies together to get some inspiration. Here's a list of the best romantic movies on Netflix, where you'll find something for everyone: from happy to forbidden love, marriage stories and some idealistic tales.

Irish Wish (2023)

With 'Irish wish,' one of the most remembered actresses of the last two decades returns to the screens: Lindsay Lohan. And while we have recently seen her on the platform in the movie 'Falling for Christmas,' we are happy to see her again in this new romantic comedy. 'Irish Wish' follows Maddie, a young woman who agrees to be her best friend's bridesmaid, who will marry the protagonist's, lifelong love. As a mature woman, Maddie puts aside her feelings to be the maid of honor at her friend's wedding in Ireland. But, as she is about to watch the man of her dreams slip away, Lohan's character makes a wish the night before the wedding and wakes up the next morning to discover a reality in which she is the bride about to be married. However, she soon realizes that her soul mate is not who she thought he was. Still, if Maddie survives this chaotic experience, she might find true love. 

You People (2023)

'You People' is a new Netflix release of the romantic comedy genre based on a social theme. The name of the film is because the word "You people" is the term that is usually used to refer in a derogatory way to people who are despised for reasons of racial stereotypes. The plot is about a couple going through a series of cultural conflicts when moving to a new neighborhood. The film will delve into love within the framework of racial stereotypes in the United States. 'You People' is based on a 1976 romantic comedy called "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" and is the story of a young couple who find themselves surrounded by conflict when each is affected by situations of racism. When their families meet, there will be cultural and generational clashes.

Your Place or Mine (2023)

'Your Place or Mine' stars Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, who have never met on screen before. Witherspoon and Kutcher play two lifelong best friends, Peter and Debbie, who live on different coasts of the United States. Tired of their routines, the two decide to swap homes and lives for a week, when she decides to pursue her big dream, and he volunteers to babysit her teenage son. Debbie is a single mother and accountant who thrives on routine life in Los Angeles, and Peter is a marketing executive and aspiring writer who loves the fuss of New York City. However, the change will give their lives an unexpected twist as they make new friends and Peter discovers his feelings for Debbie.

Lady Chatterley's Lover (2022)

'Lady Chatterley's Lover' is the adaptation of the novel of the same name by D.H. Lawrence in 1928 and is about emancipation, love, adultery, and woman's sexuality. In both the book and the movie, sexuality is portrayed in a very explicit and detailed way. For a long time, the book, part of the European sexual revolution, was banned in Britain because of its revealing scenes. The story revolves around Lady Chatterley, who falls in love with another man after her husband returns from the war, paralyzed and impotent. Chatterley will begin a passionate and affectionate relationship with Oliver Mellors, a gamekeeper ten years older than her. Despite the undeniable passion and chemistry between the characters, the relationship will not flourish due to their status differences. 

Love in the Villa (2022)

'Love in the Villa' is a romantic comedy that uses the trope of two people who meet, dislike each other, become 'enemies,' and end up falling in love. The protagonist is Julie, a literature professor obsessed with Romeo and Juliet, who plans a detailed trip to Verona with her boyfriend Brandon. But when the time comes, he backs out and asks for 'some space.' Far from overruling him, Julie decides to go to Italy alone. When she arrives, she finds an unpleasant surprise: the villa she had rented has been rented twice, and she will have to share it with a British wine salesman, Charlie, with whom she immediately comes into conflict. As we anticipated at the beginning, little by little, they smooth things over and fall in love. However, when their exes arrive in town, Julie and Charlie must decide where their hearts are.

Persuasion (2022)

Needless to say, this film is the adaptation of the novel of the same name written by the great Jane Austen. Anne Elliot, a rebellious woman with modern sensibilities, lives with her presumptuous family on the verge of bankruptcy. When Frederick Wentworth, the handsome man she let get away, reappears in her life, Anne must choose between letting go of the past or listening to her heart and giving love a second chance. But the task is complicated by the intervention of Mr. Elliot, a handsome aristocrat who completes the love triangle in which Anne must discern between interest, attractiveness, and even social and economic well-being and true love. One of the most curious aspects of this adaptation is breaking the fourth wall as Anne addresses the audience directly, making them true accomplices in her emotional journey.

Malcolm & Marie (2021)

Sam Levinson, the creator of 'Euphoria, filmed this incredible love story in just two weeks under strict security measures during the Covid-19 pandemic. The film was shot in black and white and has only one location: the house shared by the couple. That is why the work of the two actors, Zendaya and John David Washington, stands out because the film's plot is based on their interaction. Malcolm is a film director who has just released his masterpiece. In his thank-you speech, he omits his wife, Marie. Upon arriving home, this omission will unleash a discussion loaded with grievances, fears, and insecurities that will test the relationship as they await the critics' responses.

Love Hard (2021)

"Dating has never been easy, but online dating is even harder," says Natalie, a single woman who runs a dating advice column. And how right she is! The men Natalie meets through the apps turn out to be married, strange, or just stand her up... So it goes until she has a match with Josh, a gorgeous, outdoorsy thirty-something. After a few exchanges, Natalie decides to fly to New York during the Christmas vacation to surprise him. But it's Natalie who gets a surprise, as the real Josh is not the athletic, handsome Adonis in the photos, but an idiot who tries to pick up girls by lying on the Internet. Sounds like #catfish to you? Well, it turns out the guy in the photos is Tag, a buddy of Josh's from whom Josh stole his photos to use on the dating app. Finally, Josh and Natalie agree: if she decides to pose as his girlfriend during the holidays, he'll get her a date with Tag... Can you guess who Natalie will get?

Good on Paper (2021)

Iliza Shlesinger wrote this anti-romantic comedy, and she assures that the perfect romance does not exist because she lived it... And took her real story to paper. In the film, Andrea (Iliza) is 35 years old and is dedicated to standup but wants to venture into film and TV. Despite some auditions, her professional plans do not turn out as she would like. At an airport, Andrea meets Dennis, a charming man but not at all her type because, besides being very serious, he is a financial advisor and has studied at Yale. He is not very sexy and claims to be engaged. Andrea and Dennis become friends and then fall in love. And that's when everything starts to fall apart because such perfect men never existed. One of the movie's great successes is Margot, Andrea's friend, who in real life is the standup comedian, Margaret Cho.

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