Ad-free Netflix is getting more expensive. The Basic ad-free plan will be removed

Ad-free Netflix is getting more expensive. The Basic ad-free plan will be removed

Netflix late last year made several changes to its plans and increased prices. For this reason, many users switched to the cheapest ad-free plan, but the streaming platform again unexpectedly changes the rules, which results in another price increase for those who want to watch content without advertising.

Netflix announces its ad-free Basic plan will be "retired"

In many countries, the streaming platform's most popular subscription is the ad-free Basic plan. Following restrictions to prevent account sharing, Netflix increased the price of this plan in the US to $11.99/month in the fall of 2023, and at the same time it was removed from the offer for new users (this removal also took effect in Canada, the UK, and several other countries where this plan was available). However, users who had already subscribed to the cheapest ad-free plan were allowed to keep it. Now, Netflix has announced its plans to "retire" the Basic ad-free plan, with the changes taking effect first in the UK and Canada in the second quarter of 2024, and then likely in the US. Gradually, the new pricing policy will be introduced in other countries until the second half of the year. The goal of this measure is to get people to switch to an ad-supported plan or a more expensive ad-free plan.

What are Netflix's new plans and how much do they cost?

So, starting from the moment the new pricing policy comes into force in your country, you have the following options:

  • Basic plan with advertising: its price remains the same, $6.99 per month. Allows you to view content in Full HD quality on two compatible devices simultaneously. This plan's catalog is limited and you cannot share your account.
  • Standard plan: its price also remains unchanged and is $15.49 per month. You can watch the entire Netflix catalog (multimedia and games) in Full HD quality on two compatible devices at the same time. It allows you to upload content and add a second subscription for an additional fee to share your account.
  • Premium Plan: $22.99 per month. With this plan, you have access to the entire Netflix catalog simultaneously on four compatible devices in Ultra HD quality and surround sound. Additionally, you can download content and add two additional subscriptions to share your account for an additional fee.

Which plan to choose and how to change it?

If you are a user of the Basic ad-free plan, then after it disappears, you will have to pay an additional five dollars every month if you want to watch the platform's content without ads. Or you can change your subscription to the Basic plan with ads, which will be much cheaper. Users are faced with a choice: watch ads or pay more. If you decide to pay more and upgrade your plan, you can change your plan as follows:

  • Go to the Netflix website and sign in to your account.
  • Go to Plan Details > Edit Plan. If your account is suspended, remember that you will not be able to make changes until the suspension is lifted.
  • Select your new plan and click "Continue."

To finish, click "Confirm Change".

If you choose the more expensive plan ($15.49), you'll be able to take advantage of the new benefits right away. To save your invoice date, go to the "How to change your invoice date" section.

If you choose a cheaper plan, the change will take effect on your next billing date. In the meantime, you can continue to use your existing plan.