Best teen shows on Netflix (2023)

Best teen shows on Netflix (2023)

Modern, instructive, entertaining and, above all, exciting. Here we bring you the best High School shows you'll find on Netflix.

Dare me (2019)

In this series, we follow a high school cheerleader in a quiet Midwestern town. Cheerleaders and best friends Beth Cassidy and Eddie Hanlon are in their last year of high school. Beth and Eddie are young, beautiful and very popular, so despite the boredom of life in the small town, they feel untouchable. But everything will change with the arrival of a new team coach, Colette French. Who will be the coach's favourite player?

Atypical (2017-2021)

The story revolves around Sam, an 18-year-old Sam who has autism. His story of self-discovery begins when he learns about his psychologist that autistic people can also date. The first dates end unsuccessfully, but his friend advises him not to give up. The series had a good reception, although there was some criticism of how deep the theme of autism was covered in the first season. The second season featured autistic actors and had positive reaction.

Sex Education (2019-2023)

Sex Education is a hilarious comedy about adolescence and sex. The series follows Otis Milburn, a shy teenager who lives with his mother, who works as a sexologist. Otis' ordinary life takes an unexpected turn when, thanks to the knowledge gained from listening to the advice his mother gives to her patients, he opens a clandestine office at the institute to deal with the problems that students have during their first sexual experience. The first three seasons of the series were a great success in many countries around the world, and the fourth season is expected to arrive on Netflix in mid-2023. Age rating: 16+.

Stranger things (2016-2022)

Stranger Things is perhaps one of the most popular series on Netflix and one of those that will not leave adults indifferent. The story centres on the disappearance of a boy in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. In his desperate quest, his friends and family, as well as the local sheriff, will become involved in incredible mysteries, top-secret experiments and terrifying paranormal phenomena. The series is undeniably a homage to the 80s TV series classic. Its  creators announced that in the fifth season we will find out how this heartbreaking story ended, and hinted that it could come out as early as late spring...

I am not okay with this (2020)

The story of the show takes place in Sydney, where a fatherless young woman goes through the hard times of her teenage years! It goes without saying that, as with all of us, the girl always feels out of her element and has a somewhat explosive nature. But suddenly he begins to feel differently and realises that something strange is happening to him ... No, this is not love. She realises that she can move things with the power of her mind...

Elite (2018-2022)

Elite is a Spanish TV series for teenagers. We will tell you only the starting point of the many stories that are better seen than read. The story begins with the arrival of three humble scholarship recipients at a prestigious and elite private school. Differences between wealthy students and new working-class students will lead to a murder that the police will try to figure out... Age rating: 16+.

13 reasons why (2017-2020)

One day, Clay Jensen comes home from school and finds a mysterious box with his name on it. Inside is a recording made by Hannah Baker, a classmate for whom he had special feelings and who committed suicide just two weeks ago. On the tape, Hanna tells him thirteen reasons why she decided to kill herself. Will Clay be one of them? The series touches on an important problem of today's youth: bullying.

Never have I ever (2020-2023)

Devi is an Indian-American teenager. Devi is extremely intelligent and finds it difficult to communicate due to her ambition and very short temper. But Devi does not lose hope and prays to the gods that she can change her character and attend parties organised by her classmates. NHIE Season 4 is expected to premiere in 2023. 

Riverdale (2017-2023)

This melodrama is a TV adaptation of the famous Archie comic, but with a touch of darkness and an aura of mystery that makes it irresistible. Riverdale begins with the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom, the son of one of the city's most famous and wealthy families. With the help of this postulate, we will find the main characters of the series, ready to start the new year in high school. The main characters include Archie, the captain of the football team (which also played Jason Blossom), Betty, Archie's neighbour who writes for the school newspaper; Veronica, new at school; Cheryl Blossom, Jason's shy and weird sister, and Jughead, the enigmatic narrator who writes about everything that happens in Riverdale... The highly anticipated season 7 will premiere on March 29, 2023.

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