Excel - Remove all cell formatting

August 2016

Microsoft Office is the most widely used office software, comprising many applications. It is compatible with the Mac OS and the Windows operating systems. One of the applications in Office is Excel, which allows users to store, organize, and calculate data with formulae using a spreadsheet. Excel also enables users to remove all formatting from cells. To remove all formatting, select all the cells and select 'Clear formats' from the button present in the editing section of the Home tab. This will convert your data in the cells of worksheet into plain text and allows you to use it for storing or calculating other information.
To clear out all formatting from all cells in a worksheet:
  • Press CTRL + A to select all the cells
  • Click on the Home tab > Editing Section > Clear button
  • Select the "Clear Formats" option.
  • From now on all the data in your cells will be in plain text.

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