Apps to transfer money internationally: no fee, quickly

Apps to transfer money internationally: no fee, quickly

There are often situations when you need to urgently transfer money to relatives or friends abroad. Here you can find the best mobile applications which will help you to make international transfers cheaper and faster.

There are many services and systems for international money transfers, however, many of them have high tariffs and disadvantageous exchange rates or can be simply user-unfriendly. Here you will find applications that will help you to save money on transfers. Moreover, they have intuitive interfaces and do not require long registration processes.

You should also remember that the commission fee is not the only criteria you can rely on when choosing an app. It is also important to consider the exchange rate and the speed at which the transfer is credited to the account or card of the recipient.


No wonder we put this application in the first place. Transferwise transfers money from card to card almost instantly. You can also transfer funds from a bank account, but replenishing the balance from a bank account, of course, takes longer. It is very easy to use and the transfer fee is minimal, 6-7 times less than the normal bank commission. For example, the Transferwise fee for a transfer of 40 euros from Germany to Russia was 2,90 euros.

transferwise app
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It is always clear from the beginning what the exchange rate will be and how big the commission fee will be. You can send money to 50 countries in 40 currencies. You can also transfer funds from accounts in Apple Pay or Google Pay systems.

You can download Transferwise here for Android or here for iOS devices.


Transfers through the Revolut system are free of charge, and crediting a user’s account in this system takes the form of a simple purchase with a credit card. Besides, you can also transfer money to a Revolut account by bank transfer. This application is remarkable because it can hold accounts in different currencies with a beneficial exchange rate and has a virtual debit card to which these accounts can be connected. Disadvantage: the service is available only for European Union residents.

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You can download Revolut for Android here or here for iOS devices.


Paysend is a service that allows you to transfer money to more than 80 countries. The commission fee is only 1.50 euros, and you only need the recipient’s mobile phone number for the transfer. The recipient does not have to have an account – the transfer can go directly to Visa and MasterCard issued by local banks.

paysend app
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You can download Paysend for Android here or here for iOS devices.


The UK-registered TransferGo application is one of the most popular systems with which you can quickly make a money transfer online - in 30 minutes! This service does not charge commissions for transfers up to £ 2,000 and has a support service whose staff speak many different languages. Transfers are possible to 53 countries in 29 currencies.

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You can download TransferGo for Android here or here for iOS devices.


Xoom is a new service created by PayPal which supports this well-known international payment system. It allows you to send money from your phone to bank accounts, as well as to cash points and cash delivery services. Like many others, Xoom does not require registration from the recipient.

xoom app
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You can download Xoom here.


The WorldRemit service is good for sending small amounts of money thanks to its very small commission fee. You can send funds from more than 50 countries to more than 150 countries worldwide.

worldremit app
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You can download WorldRemit for Android here or here for iOS devices.


XE is not only an online currency exchange but also an international payment service with no commission fee. This service allows transfers from Europe to 130 countries. It also offers users its own bank account and virtual cards connected to it. In the top 10 money transfer rating, XE took first place in the payment category from 1,000 to 10,000 euros.

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You can download XE for Android here or here for iOS devices.

Other services

You can also use well-known money transfer systems such as MoneyGram and Western Union. They are convenient for those who do not have a bank account. These systems have a large network of offices in many countries of the world.

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