Tutorials for DIY haircuts: for men, women, beginners

Tutorials for DIY haircuts: for men, women, beginners

Whilst a considerable amount of the global population was confined during the Coronavirus pandemic, being able to cut your own hair at home became necessary skill. Although you may no longer be confined at home, cutting your hair yourself could help you save a little money. In this article we have curated a few of the best tutorials for DIY haircuts, for different lengths, styles and colourations.

Where to find hairstyle inspiration?

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for many things, and it is absolutely perfect for checking out different hairstyles. You will find hundreds of pictures of Women’s Hairstyles and the latest Mens Hair Trends. Also, you can check out the Haircut Inspiration website for Men and for Women.

What are the best virtual hairstyling apps?

Before you get started with any tutorials, you may want to virtually try out a haircut, or hair colour. With these two Oréal Professional apps, users can virtually style and dye their hair - without any commitment. Browse through countless haircuts, hair styles and hair colours to find the one best suited to you.

Style My Hair

Style My Hair is available Online, where you can use your webcam, or upload photos to work with from your PC. You can also download it for Android and iOS devices.

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Colour Match

Garnier Colour Match allows you to virtually try on different hair colours in real time. You can access it online and upload a photo or use your webcam. Alternatively you can download it for Android and iOS.

Haircuts for women

Here are a selection of YouTube haircut tutorials for Women, or just for long hair. There are links to the specific tutorials, and also their respective channels, because a number of these accounts have more than one tutorial available to watch.

If you are in quarantine on your own, most of these are designed to be done on yourself. But if you are fortunate to be confined with someone else, some of these haircuts may be easier with an extra pair of hands!

Haircuts for men

Generally Men have shorter hair than women, and as such, the following selection of DIY hairstyles for men is catered around shorter hair, and anything above shoulder length. For longer hairstyles you can see some of the above tutorials for cutting, trimming and texturing longer hair.

Haircuts for children

If you have children at home during the quarantine, you may also be looking for helpful tutorials for cutting your children's hair. This could possibly be easier than cutting your own hair, but only if they sit still!

Hair dye

Now that you’ve cut your hair, you may be tempted to dye it. If you want to test out a new colour, you can use one of the virtual hairstyling apps mentioned above to get an idea of what a specific hair colour would look like on you.

Once you have decided on what colouration you would like to do, have a look at one of this hairdressers guide to colouring hair at home with Brad Mondo.

If you are looking for something less permanent, Good Dye Young offers vegan and cruelty free, semi-permanent hair dye that will last 4-6 weeks (the perfect amount of time for a global quarantine!). There are a number of tutorials on their YouTube channel.

Hopefully you will have been able to find inspiration for your next haircut and are going to have a go at cutting your own hair! Good luck!

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