The best grammar checking solutions

The best grammar checking solutions

Whether creating a blog, social media content, sending professional emails, writing articles, or learning. Here we give you a thorough insight into the best online, desktop, and mobile grammar checkers to ensure you get the most out of your writings.


Grammarly is your free online writing assistant. It's an all-inclusive app that offers a wide range of features, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, text clarity, tone detection, plagiarism detection, and more, depending on your subscription plan. It can work on multiple applications and programs like email servers, messengers, social networks, and documents. Grammarly is available as a browser extension, desktop app, web-based program, smartphone app, and a Microsoft add-on. This incredibly well-designed solution features a user-friendly interface, adaptive capabilities, and extensive features.

Grammarly is available in 3 different plans: Free, Premium, and Business, depending on your needs.
You can also download the mobile app for both Android and iOS here.


Hemingway helps improve all aspects of your writing and is particularly useful for those who would like to refine their writing skills further. There is a large focus on creating straightforward and clear sentence structure with this program. Every time you add a sentence, Hemingway will evaluate and tell you if it is “easy, hard, or very hard to read”. More than just a grammar checker, Hemingway will help you find your writing style, create more engaging content, and check spelling and punctuation. Hemingway is easy to use with a great interface and a color-based corrections system and has no word limit.

There are two versions available, the free online version and the desktop version suitable for both macOS and Windows.

Language Tool

Language Tool is an excellent open-source grammar checker that can edit texts in over 20 languages. It is available as an online app, an extension to your web browser, and as a fee-paying app available to download. There is a limitation of 20,000 characters per check with the free version and 40,000 with the paid version. Users can download it and make any code adjustments to suit their needs as an open-source program. Like some other grammar checkers, Language Tool also uses a color-based system to identify and correct errors and has a community of users to share ideas and help with issues you may encounter.

They offer several subscription plans you can consult on their official website.


Ginger is an excellent tool for anyone who writes in multiple languages. It can correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and writing style and translates your text into a different language. Ginger offers translation support for over 40 languages and features a text-to-speech solution that allows users to learn word pronunciation and features a thesaurus. Ginger offers a “Personal Trainer” to evaluate your writing style, improve your English, and benefit from personalized practice sessions for those who choose to pay for the premium service

The free version is limited to 350 characters, but you can check the premium and business subscription plans they offer on the official website. You can also download Ginger on iPhone and Android.

White Smoke

White Smoke is a user-friendly app for checking English grammar and spelling. You can choose the style of your text and based on that the service will suggest the most appropriate writing tips and hints. The app is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

You can check the subscription plans on the official website.


You can also use online spelling and grammar checkers, such as ReversoGrammar CheckJSpellScribens, and Rephraser.

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