The best baby apps of 2022 for new parents

The best baby apps of 2022 for new parents

In this article, find a list of baby applications all dedicated to making the daily life of new parents; easier, time-saving, and more fun.

The top app: The WonderWeeks

One of the most popular baby apps among today's parents. The WonderWeeks goes step by step with parents from the very beginning of the baby's development. The baby and parents are guided through the app using games. The baby app will explain to parents the emotional leaps, moods, and progress of the baby.

It has a full guide into what to expect for the first 12 months. It can help the baby develop with games, activities all fit for the stage the baby is going through.

Best for activities: Baby Sparks

Baby Sparks is a baby development app with tutorial videos and a monitor pad to track the cognitive and monitor skills of your baby. Each parent can create a baby’s personal profile that will follow growth, speech, sensory, self-care, and social skills.

The Baby Sparks app will track the progress made in every activity and inform the parent with daily and monthly reports. The parents can do the activities in the application or login activities made at home. The app has other features like parenting lessons, articles, calendars, and milestones. 

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For play time: Playfully

Playfully is an activity catalog app that allows time for parents to play and connect with their babies. The activities are shown with high-quality videos and explain step by step how to do the games. Playfully has a wide catalog that is available for babies up to 36 months old.

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The catalog has educational activities as well. It gives interactions to learn chores around the house, learn independently, meet new people, among many other daily activities. 

For quick notifications: Huckleberry

For on-the-go parents who are looking for a good night's sleep. Huckleberry, is a baby sleep tracker set up to remind you of your baby's personalized napping schedule. Set a timer for the babies napping time. Mark the night time and set up push notifications to remind you to set the night light and the white noise baby feature.

The app has among other features, the possibility to set up reminders for feeding, diaper changes, milk pumping, and bottle feeds. It has a nicely designed interface and is easy to use. 

Best baby tracker: Baby +

Baby Plus is the all-in-one baby app for new parents. For busy new parents, the app has all the features they need to keep track of the development of their baby. Parents can set feeding times, naps, and growing stats. They can keep a journal and track their baby’s development through time.

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The app also allows sharing special moments with family and friends. Parents can set doctor visits, and stay connected with a newsfeed, blogs, and other families using the app for advice. 

Best social media: Momatu

Momatu is for new parents who want to create a timeline of memories from the very first moments of their baby’s lives. Parents can set up the app to sync their pictures right from the due date and start a customizable photo album.

All the photo timelines can be shared through social media, and with friends and family. Customize colors, size, names. Select all the pictures you want to share and find some edit features.

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