This miniature library contains all the knowledge of humanity - but it's not on Earth !

This miniature library contains all the knowledge of humanity - but it's not on Earth !

Humanity's knowledge is now ensured to be preserved for billions of years, in case a catastrophe destroys our civilization or our planet. Everything is protected in a library that is not even on Earth...

Nuclear war, natural cataclysms, chain volcanic eruptions, devastating epidemics... It's impossible to know what tomorrow holds! A catastrophe could very well jeopardize humanity, in a scenario worthy of The Last of Us. Imagine! Everything we've built over thousands of years, all the accumulated knowledge turning to dust in days or hours! To prevent such a loss, the Arch Mission Foundation strives to preserve the cultural heritage and knowledge of humanity in indestructible archives built to last billions of years. These archives are placed all over the Earth, in caves, underground bunkers, or mines, for example.

But what if the Earth were to be destroyed? A scenario that is unfortunately not impossible, and it has prompted the foundation to explore, by all possible means, securing these archives outside our planet. Thus, it has developed a library containing no less than 30 million pages of archives on the history and civilization of humans. It covers a wide range of subjects, from all cultures, nations, languages, genres, and periods. Thus, all achievements of humanity, its history, literature, languages, sciences, arts, music, films, philosophies, religions, and much more, will endure, whatever happens on Earth. And we have just experienced a historic moment because, for the first time, we have managed to store all of this... on the Moon! And it's not a metaphor!

This lunar library has been named the Galactic Legacy Archive, and it was successfully placed on the Moon on February 22, 2024, via SpaceX's Odysseuus spacecraft and the Lunaprise mission from Galactic Legacy Labs. It includes, among other things, the entire English-language Wikipedia - over 6 million articles, parts of the Project Gutenberg digital library (over 70,000 e-books), and the Internet Archive, linguistic archives of the Rosetta Project - over 7,000 human languages - and the Arch Mission Private Library - which includes millions of books, documents, sound recordings, and program codes - as well as the main tricks of magician David Copperfield. 

Stored in a NanoFiche, small nickel-gold alloy plates with engraved content, the data resists extreme conditions. Each square centimeter can store 2,000 pages at 150 dpi indefinitely. With 41 layers of analog and digital content on two Moon sites, this achievement followed three attempts, overcoming previous failures in 2019 with Beresheet and January's Peregrine mission by Astrobotic. Fortunately, this time it was successful! 

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