How to use FaceTime: on iOS, Android and Windows

How to use FaceTime: on iOS, Android and Windows

FaceTime is Apple's video call app that is preloaded on iOS and Mac OS devices. Apple FaceTime uses the front facing camera on your iPhone, Mac or iPad to video call other iPhone or Mac users. There is an impressive level of integration for those that are in the Apple ecosystem, however Windows and Android users may feel left out. There is now a way of using FaceTime as an Android or Windows user, and in this article we will explain how.

How to use FaceTime on iPhone and Mac?

To call someone using FaceTime, the other person typically needs to have their own FaceTime account. The process to call someone is relatively simple:

  • In the FaceTime app search for the person that you want to call either through their email address or phone number.
  • Then press the audio or video call button at the bottom. 
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How to use FaceTime on Windows & Android?

It used to be that only iPhone or Mac users could join a FaceTime call, however in recent updates, Apple now allows anyone to join a FaceTime call, from any device, be it Apple, Android or Windows. This is made possible by the option to create and share a FaceTime call link. You can send this link to others using Messages or Mail. The method is ultimately the same for Windows PC and Android users, as they are only opening a link that was created for them on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. 

  • Open FaceTime on an iPhone or Mac and select Create Link.
  • Use the Add Name bar to search for a contact and tap OK.
  • Choose who you want to send the link to, either as a message or a mail. 

The link that is created will work for anyone, even those who don't have an Apple device. They can join a FaceTime call from a browser. Whilst you can't create a FaceTime link on a Windows PC or Android device, you can join a call through a link. All you need to do as a Windows or Android user is click on the link, open it, and join the conversation. 

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