How to make free calls: online, from computer, app

How to make free calls: online, from computer, app

The Internet has transformed the way that we communicate by enabling free alternatives to previously paid services like phone calls. In this article we will present several applications and programs that allow you to make free calls from both computers and cell phones that have access to the internet.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is Facebook's instant messaging service, which allows you to send messages, make unlimited voice calls and video calls to multiple people anywhere in the world over the internet. This can be done between a PC and a cell phone, two cell phones or two computers . To do this, it is necessary that both people install the Messenger application and log in with their Facebook account. With this app, it is not possible to call landlines.

Messenger is available for Android and iOS. Likewise, you can access the service from any web browser at the Messenger website or by downloading the desktop application for Windows here.

Google Duo

Thanks to Google Duo, you can make voice calls and even hold individual or group video calls totally free with other people who have the app installed or access the service from the Google Duo site. You can send and receive voice or video messages, photos, and notes. When you go to make a call, the app will show you at the top of your contact list, those who are Google Duo users. To access the service in the mobile application, you only need to enter your cell phone number. From your computer, just log in using your Gmail account; however, you will not be able to receive calls without a phone number. Google Duo guarantees the privacy of your calls thanks to end-to-end encryption .

The application is available for Android, iOS and any computer here.


Although Telegram is known primarily as an instant messaging app, it also offers you the ability to make voice and video calls with other usersbetween a cell phone and computer. You need to make at least one call in the mobile app for the option to appear in the desktop tool . You just have to enter your phone number and you can start using Telegram. All calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. Make sure you have the latest update of the app to enjoy all its functions.

Telegram is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.


Viber is a multi platform application that allows you to make free calls using your Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection from your PC or cell phone. The app offers you the ability to make individual or group voice and video calls, send text messages, photos, files, videos and more . You only need to enter your phone number to call other Viber users anywhere in the world. With this application, you can transfer calls between your devices and everything you share is protected by the automatic encryption of the tool.

The mobile application is available for Android and iOS. Download Viber for PC here and for Mac here.


Skype is a very popular messaging service that allows you to male free calls over the internet between different mobile and computer platforms. Your contact only needs to have a Skype account and you can easily find them with their cell phone number, email or username . In addition to voice calls, it is also possible to have video calls and send messages to any Skype user.

Skype is available for Android, iOS, Mac and on your web browser using a Microsoft account.

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