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Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer is a fitness app that is mainly destined for men but can also be used by women. Developed and published by Mehrdad Mehrain, this app offers hundreds of workouts that are illustrated by texts, images, and videos. It can also be used as a Calorie tracker to become and stay fit.

Workouts are categorized by muscle of target or by body region. This means that exercises are different depending on these aims. Apart from that, Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer also provides exercises with various materials such as Dumbbells, Barbells, and other types of equipment.

It offers different kinds of methods to pass down workouts. Indeed, the user can directly play video demos, images or text directions that he can immediately follow.

There are already 30 pre-defined routines that are available on the app's database. But apart from them, users can also create their own routines and track their progress (can be displayed in graph) when doing workouts.

It can also be used as a calorie counter. This means that the user is utterly free to view how many kilograms they need to keep fit. It also provides over 90, 000 food items.


Latest update on September 16, 2019 at 04:29 AM.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable training post.....I was looking for such a post . Nowadays beginner workout routine for men is very necessary and must be boost up immediately. I would like to share some views about beginner workout for men.

Beginner Workout
Ratnendra Ashok
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This app will become your virtual fitness trainer.
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