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Hill Climb Racing a racing video game mainly based on physics. The player enters the character of Newton Bill who is keen on uphill racing and is quite a bit lunatic and imprudent. He has to conquer the highest hills and to respect the laws of physics. This game is published and developed by Fingersoft. It can work on Android tablets and mobile phones.

Key Features

  • Gameplay: this game is immersing the player into a hill climbing experience where he has to dodge all obstacles and overcome challenges. When upgrading the vehicle, the player can listen to the sound of a real turbo. Only with simple taps and swipes, all controls can be accessed. The game is also calling on the player's sense of logic.
  • Levels: the game is endowed with several stages with different levels. He is given the freedom to choose the area he wants to drive such as Countryside, Highway, Cave or a Desert. The interface of Hill Climb Racing is displaying the distance and speed driven per meter.
  • Graphics: it is nice-looking and eye-catching at the same time. Indeed, Hill Climb Racing offers a smooth physics simulation. The score, the distance, the Brake as well as Gas controls are displayed on the intuitive interface.
  • Vehicles: Hill Climb Racing grants players with multiple vehicles. They can select the Jeep, Quad Bike or the Race Car or the Super Diesel 4x4 for an area to ride. Note that cars' tires and suspension (and others) can be upgraded.


  • Hill Climb Racing can be played free of charge.


  • It is available in English only.


Latest update on September 22, 2016 at 04:49 PM.
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