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Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror video game developed by Team Silent (a group in Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo) and the second installment of the series. Inspired by the Russian novel Crime and Punishment (1866) by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Silent Hill 2 offers a mysterious and disturbing universe wherein you will face frightening monsters while investigating a strange case.


James Sunderland received a letter from his wife, Mary, claiming she is waiting for him in what she called their "special place". The thing is, first, Mary died three years ago from a chronic disease, and second, the whole city of Silent Hill was their "special place".

Moreover, James recognizes Mary's handwriting, and the author knows James once made a promise to return to Silent Hill with Mary, a promise he didn't fulfill. But the city has changed, completely covered by a mysterious fog, and James is not ready to discover the horror lingering in the dark.


  • Explore: Even if the places are very scary, you must keep courage and inspect to find specific items like keys required to progress through the game. As you progress, you will collect maps and update them to reflect locked doors, obstructions, or clues, and even write documents' content for future reference. Your trustworthy flashlight will be one of your best allies to highlight dark and dangerous places or just read maps.
  • Puzzles: As your situation is not uncomfortable enough, puzzles with various difficulty levels will challenge your skills.
  • Combat: Almost every time you face a foe, you can decide to fight or run, but for the first time in the series, you can block attacks, even with a weapon like the Handgun. However, monsters can be tough, so choose wisely before engaging in combat.
  • Weapons: There are plenty of different weapons you can use depending on the situation, like the Great Knife, the Hyper Spray, the Handgun, and the Pipe, and some of them are very brutal, like the Chainsaw, the Rifle, the Great Spear, and the Shotgun.
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  • Bosses and enemies: All kinds of enemies and challenging bosses await you to end your life. Forget about what you think is possible, as the Pyramid Head, the Bubble Head Nurse, the Creeper, and many others will forever scream in your head.
  • Radio: This is a precious item as it can alert you to the presence of a monster by emitting static noise even through the fog. It is also able to tilt your head in the direction of an item nearby or a creature.
  • Narrative: It beautifully offers lots of replayability as six conclusions are possible depending on your actions throughout the game. Even though it has been a source of debate in the fanbase, each one is a valid ending.
  • Camera: Silent Hill 2 features a third-person view with several camera angles, which really helps increase tension depending on the scenes.

Duration and game modes

This is a single-player experience of about 8h in length if you strive to finish it quickly, but discovering all the various endings can significantly increase the experience duration.

Graphics and sound

Graphics were praised as the atmosphere of Silent Hill 2 skyrockets using computer-generated images in cutscenes. Besides, the texture quality and the fog particles really make this world scary but mysterious enough so you want to explore it. The soundtrack and all the different sound effects are considered very good, as they help build suspense.

What do the reviews say?

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Silent Hill 2 has a very good Metacritic score of 89/100.

"Amid its many puzzles, creepy scares and flurries of combat, Silent Hill 2 has moments that are so human and painful--forget about "horror" for the moment--that they elevate the experience from a mere "videogame" to a jarring, unsettling look at pain, loss, despair and dread." (Electric playground)

Age rating


Silent Hill 2 is rated PEGI 16.

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