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The transfer of documents, file or others from directory to other one is very common when they work on computer. Disadvantage with the administrator of file by default installed under Windows, it is that they cannot make a pause or cross a copy in case of problem. Total Copy is an extension which allows to pause and to start again a process of copy. It is inserted into the menu click right and becomes approachable each time a copy either of file or file am speed up.It puts on pause automatically when an error is met during the copy without interrupting it therefore definitely.
Total Copy also allows to reduce the speed of copy if necessary, although in general they prefer when it is quick. It changes the function of copy in no way by default, but optimizes the system of copy.
Alternative spelling: tc120LukiEditionXP.exe
Latest update on September 23, 2016 at 12:15 PM.
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This is very useful software. I am waiting for the a version that runs on windows 7
Thanks for this software
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