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Google Podcast

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Google Podcast
Android - English

one of the best podcasts app with an intuitive interface and the possibility to download episodes and listen to them offline!

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Wednesday April 15, 2020
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September 20, 2021

Google Podcast is one of the best audio content platforms with the greatest diversity of programming. It is available both in app format for download on Android and iOS, as well as in its web version. In addition, you can access all your preferences saved in the app, such as lists or subscriptions, from any device by logging into the web version.

Key Features

  • Various podcasts available: discover different podcasts for free, explore your personal recommendations and listings and subscribe to your favorite ones.
  • Customizable listening experience: personalize playback speeds, silence pauses and queue up episodes as you wish to.
  • Listening history: you can always track your listening history, subscriptions and downloads if you’d like to relisten to some of your favorite episodes.
  • Cross-platform: the app is available for various platforms, such as cell phones, laptops, smart speaker or web version. So, you can listen to podcasts whenever or wherever you want.
  • Offline mode: you can download the episodes you wish to listen in the plane during a trip, for example, to be able to enjoy your favorite podcast without the Internet connection.

How Does Google Podcasts Work?

Both for the application and for the web version, first you will have the option to log in with your Google account, this way you will already have a personal profile where all your preferences and subscriptions will be saved.

You can search for content by accessing the bottom icon of the magnifying glass: it is possible to type the name of the podcast you are looking for, keywords or enter the different sections of content. When you find a podcast that interests you, you can play it, save it in a list, add it to the queue to start after other selected content or download it to listen to it online. You can also subscribe to certain channels, users or programs to follow all the podcasts they publish. In the Activity tab you can see the content you have interacted with organized in different tabs: Your Queue, Downloads, History and Subscriptions.

Once you are playing a podcast you will be able to access different options to customize your listening such as: add to a list, configure the audio playback speed, get more information about the program or the creators, among other options.

Other Systems

Google Podcast is also available for download on iOS devices and as a web version.

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