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Advanced Option Calculator

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Advanced Option Calculator
Windows XP - English
Scientists know that calculation is the fundamental process of their work. There are only two possibilities: either it is right or wrong. Advanced Option Calculator allows you to perform the most complex calculation, it may concern statistics, probability and finance.

Key features:

  • Analysis of option positions: Traders would feel happy using such tool. The calculator can be used to determine different value usually known in finance. Connoisseur can find variables like implied volatility and evaluate profit and loss.
  • Risks: All investments involve an inherent risk that can be found thanks to Advanced Option Calculator. Therefore, the user can perform mathematical expectations of profit and loss in order to apprehend the feasibility of his task, and this using probability method.
  • Graph: The program has full calculation option including graphs. Anyway, the calculator allows you to take profit of extended information. It can also evaluate an economic model and generate expectations from you current database.
  • Interface: The machine calculates parameters in different ways whether using statistics or finance methods. Nonetheless, the program can help you calculate options Greek such as Delta, Vega, Gamma and Theta.


  • It is free.
  • Everybody can handle the software.


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Latest update on September 11, 2012 at 12:38 AM.
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