MingW Developer Studio

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2.05 (latest version)
MingW Developer Studio
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
Of course, conceiving application always needs deepened skills but it is not enough to carry out an application. You also have to use efficient development software such as MingW Developer Studio. Really performing, you can download this software for free.

Key features

  • Edition: MingW Developer Studio is one of the integrated development (IDE) applications available on the Net. It uses the programming language C and C++ and this kind of software usually includes a text editor, a version management system a debugger and other tools as well.
  • Look: MingW Developer Studio’s handling will not be difficult for those who are used to work with MS Visual C + +. Indeed, MingW Developer Studio’s design and functions are the same as the MicroSoft one. So, you will get familiar with at the first use.
  • Others: since it has multiple purposes, MingW Developer Studio comes with various interfaces which users can switch from one to another according to the current task. It also includes project management, code folding, debugging tool, code help integration and more.


  • MingW Developer Studio use and downloading are entirely free.
  • It supports quite all Windows Version.
  • Other version for Linux and FreeBSD are available on the editor website.


  • Nothing Special to report.


Alternative spelling: download-MinGWStudioSetup-2_05.exe.exe
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it's small, i need it at school, it's mere than enough for me
You must have MinGW and MinGW Dev studio

Main Points it's small
Weak Infos it's useless-kill it

Main Points it's small
Weak Infos it's useless-kill it