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  • Version 3.1.70
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Discover HiBit Uninstaller, your PC's cleanup hero! Effortlessly remove stubborn apps, boost performance, and protect privacy with just a few clicks. It's the fast, user-friendly way to keep your computer in top shape. Unleash a cleaner, faster digital experience now!

What is HiBit Uninstaller?

HiBit Uninstaller is your ultimate digital cleanup companion, transforming the way you manage your PC. It's like having a digital superhero, tackling stubborn programs, clutter, and privacy concerns with ease. Imagine effortlessly removing multiple apps, enhancing your PC's performance, and safeguarding your privacy with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Whether it's decluttering your system or boosting its efficiency, HiBit Uninstaller is the one-stop solution for a smoother, more organized computing experience.

What are the key features of HiBit Uninstaller?

  • Complete clean-up: When you uninstall a program, it makes sure there's nothing left behind. It's like a thorough house cleaning for your computer!
  • Standalone: HiBit Uninstaller is also available as a standalone solution you can carry wherever you want.
  • Stuck software? No more!: Got a program that just won't leave? The forced uninstall feature can take care of those stubborn apps.
  • Uninstall in bulk: Save time by getting rid of multiple programs at once. It's like clearing out your closet in one go!
© HiBit Uninstaller
  • Installation tracker: It's like a detective, keeping an eye on what gets installed so you can remove every bit of it later.
  • Windows Store app removal: Seamlessly removes apps from the Microsoft Store, making it a breeze.
  • Browser clean-up: Easily kick those unwanted browser extensions to the curb. Your browser will thank you!
  • File shredder for privacy: Shred sensitive files to keep your secrets, well, secret. It's like a paper shredder but for your digital files.
  • PC performance boost: This fixes registry issues and tunes up your PC for better performance. It's like a spa day for your computer!
  • Shortcut cleaner: No more clicking on broken shortcuts only to get nowhere. It's like fixing all the dead ends on your digital map.
© HiBit Uninstaller
  • Empty folder finder: Finds and deletes empty folders - it's pretty satisfying, like popping bubble wrap, but for your hard drive.
  • Startup manager: Take control of what runs when Windows starts. It's like being the bouncer for your computer's startup party.
  • Easy system restore management: Managing system restore points is now a piece of cake.
  • User-friendly interface: It's super easy to navigate, making your life simpler.
  • Always up-to-date: It updates automatically, so you're always up to speed with the best features.

How to use HiBit Uninstaller?

  1. Initiate action: Right-click on a program from the list to access a variety of options. You can choose to uninstall, forcefully remove, delete entries, or even explore more about the program by opening its registry key or installation folder, visiting the program's website, or finding it on Google.
  2. View detailed information: After selecting an option, details about the app, including its name, version, publisher, installation date, registry entry, and website link, will be displayed in the lower section of the window.
  3. Check space usage: In this area, you can also see a compiled list showing the total space occupied by all installed apps, giving you a clearer picture of your system's storage usage.

Is HiBit Uninstaller free?

HiBit Uninstaller is absolutely free to use.

Is HiBit Uninstaller safe?

HiBit Uninstaller is considered a safe solution you can use with total peace of mind.

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