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YoGen Vocal Remover is one of the tools on the Internet that can help you create your own karaoke file. Indeed, its main feature is to remove lead vocals from stereo sounds.

Note: is seems that the latest version of the software is only available online. However, you can always try an alternative software.

What are the key features of YoGen Vocal Remover?

  • As its name suggests, YoGen Vocal Remover's main feature is to remove vocals from an audio track. For that, the application is using several of its tools in order to keep the original quality.
  • Using this application can be a pleasure for those who want to create a karaoke of their favorite files, or just to remove the vocals and listen to the music. Its interface is quite minimalistic with only a few options. Thanks to this, YoGen Vocal Remover is a great easy-to-use tool. Depending on the size of the input files, processing may take a few moments.

Here are some of the options :

  • Extra bass.
  • Volume control.
  • Extra bass boost.
  • Position thumb.
  • Loop play, Close, Save and Play. You can customize each one of them if needed.

Is it free?

This is a shareware version.

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