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Released in 2017, Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds) is one of the world's most popular free-to-play Battle Royale games. So be ready to compete in epic combat and be the last one standing.


Free Fire follows the principles of battle royale games. At the beginning of each game, you will parachute from a plane and land on an island with 49 other human players. Your mission, if you accept it, is to be the last one standing. Are you still there? Great! Like Rambo in the jungle, you will have to understand and master your environment, get used to how to use weapons and resources, and adapt your strategy during the whole game. Keep in mind that even though the map is really big at the beginning of the game, it will keep shrinking and will force you to face your foes. No one will be able to escape from death except the one who wins the game. Get ready for a thrilling and exciting feeling during each 10-15 minutes game.

  • Classic survival shooter: Free Fire is a desperate fight for survival where you can compete against other players from all over the world in live multiplayer matches.
  • Short and intense battles: Battles only last ten minutes but are so action-packed that you can level up and progress through the game just as quickly.
  • Gain or buy Diamonds: To unlock new heroes and items, you will need to gain Diamonds, which is the official Free Fire currency. You can also purchase Diamonds with real money. Certain characters, including for instance Misha, Moco, Hayato and Kelly, can only be unlocked by spending Diamonds. 
  • Strategy: Avoid participating in the battles at the beginning of each round and collect loot to prepare for the fights at the end, because as the amount of surviving players gets lower, you will be more easily spotted by your enemies. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should never stand still. Try to keep moving around so that you won't be an easy-to-shoot target.
  • Popularity: Free Fire came out in 2017, ready to carve a niche in the battle royale market. In 2019, it became the most downloaded mobile game globally. Two years later, in 2019, Free Fire broke a record with a stunning 150 million active worldwide users. Shortly said, Free Fire can be considered one of the biggest successes in recent video game history.


Even though it doesn't have amazing graphics, the overall game look has been designed to be accessible to all players, including those who do not have a high-end device.

Game modes

Free Fire is exclusively an online multiplayer game boasting various primary game modes, including:

  • Classic: The classic mode offers points at the end of each game, but they don't impact your global ranking. Consider it a ranked training mode if you want to hone your combat strategies.
  • Ranked: The ranked mode offers points at the end of each game and makes you progress in the global ranking. This game mode is designed for more experienced players.
  • Squad Duel: This mode is a 4v4 player battle.
  • Custom: In the custom mode, players will be able to create a private session in which they can choose their own game rules.

The game also includes seasonal game modes available for a limited time and various other events.


What do the reviews say?

This game has not been published on Metacritic. But if we take a look at Google Play and Apple's App Store, we can safely conclude that Free Fire has received very positive reviews. The game's rating on both of these application stores is 3.9 out of 5 stars on average, from more than 100 million user reviews. 

Age rating

Free Fire is not listed on the PEGI age classification website for video games, nor can it be found on ESRB. Since Free Fire is officially intended as a mobile game, we will be looking at the game's age rating as published on Google Play. Google has labeled the game as Mature 17+, meaning it is only suitable for adult gamers. The game contains realistic-looking violence, including blood and tissue damage. Furthermore, it has in-app purchases.

How to install Free Fire on PC?

Although Free Fire is not natively available to play on Windows computers, thanks to a simple workaround, it will be a piece of cake to enjoy this game on your PC or laptop. Just click on the download button at the top of this page and run the installer. It includes the GameLoop Android emulator and the Free Fire APK file. Follow the on-screen instructions and the game will start downloading and installing automatically. If you encounter any problems running it, try following the steps in this guide to play Free Fire on your PC.

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