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  • Developer 24 Entertainment
  • Version 2022-02-13-20-50
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is an action-adventure battle royale video game where up to 60 players fight against each other to be the last one standing fighter. The game takes place in a vast universe inspired by Asian aesthetics. It offers a well-designed vertical level design and a dynamic and fast-paced close-range combat system, a vast arsenal of weapons, and lots of freedom.


  • Welcome to the Island of Morus: You will start your journey on the ravaged island of Morus when the war rages. You are one of the 60 fighters who were pitted against each other to fight and be the last one standing. You will travel across the various and unique landscapes, find weapons and trinkets, and defeat your enemies in epic battles.
  • Lots of freedom: In NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, you will be able to explore almost everything within sight, climbing it or using one of your convenient grappling hooks. Even if exploration is not the game's core, you will feel excellent climbing from treetops to houses in these beautiful but war-torn places.
  • Find your inner fighter: The game offers you over nine different characters (the devs may add some in the future), including Viper Ning, Tsuchimikado Kurumi, Matari, Temulch, Tianhai, Yoto Hime, Valda Cui, Yueshan, Tarka Ji, and Wuchen. Each has a specific set of skills and abilities, from the fighter, assassin, support or healer, etc. You will love to discover every character's peculiarities and play them solo or as part of a team. Some of them can be harder to master than others (such as the gracious assassin Matari, who can be a game-changer while invisibly skulking behind enemies).
  • Be a lone wolf or part of a pack: You can either choose to be part of a team of three fighters or solo. You will experience a very different game depending on your choice. Your whole strategy and mindset will change to outsmart your opponents alone or combine your character abilities to make the pack survive.
  • A refreshing combat system: You will find a completely different and new experience in this title. Indeed, the combat system is very dynamic and allows you to attack, chain combos, dodge, parry, jump, move like an acrobat, evade using your hooks. All of that takes place in very fast-paced and well-animated close-range combats. Forget the games where you can kill everyone from the top of a hill, as you now have to face your opponents and master your skills if you want to be the last one standing.
  • The melee weapons: Scavenge to find and use a vast arsenal of weapons, including Spear, Dagger, Katana, Greatsword, Longsword, BloodRipper, or the Nunchucks. All these weapons offer limitless fight styles, and you should get used to every one of them to understand how you can use and parry them depending on your enemies' arsenal.
  • The ranged weapons: You will also be able to use lots of ranged weapons, including Bow, Cannon, Repeating Crossbow, Musket, Flamebringer, Pistol, and Swarm. It might be hard to beat another player down using only a ranged weapon, but it may be advantageous to engage the fight, make your foe bite the dust if he tries to escape low life, or use it when playing in a team.
  • Customize your characters: You can customize your character's visual appearance by tuning many parameters related to morphology and skin. You can also change or purchase more stylish and various skins and trinkets to make your characters look the way you want. Of course, you can also save characters' look profiles.
  • A gradual learning curve: At the beginning of your experience, you will face lots of bots that might be easy to defeat or behave in strange ways. But don't worry, once real fighters surround you, you should be ready and have honed your skills as it will be more demanding to survive.

Graphics and sound

This game has been developed using Unity 4 and offers very nice-looking graphics and pleasant audio feedback and ost. You will notice that lots of care have been taken to polish animations, high definition textures, lighting, and shadows, resulting in beautiful graphics inspired by Asian aesthetics and philosophy.

Duration and game modes

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a multiplayer video game where 60 players fight for survival. You can play it either in a team of three players or solo. Each game can last over 20 minutes. However, count several hours if you want to start to compete in real fights.

What do the reviews say?

The game has a Metacritic score of 71/100, which is quite good.

"Naraka: Bladepoint is definitely one of the best titles that China has brought to screens in the last period. An original interpretation of the Battle Royale genre that takes advantage of the classic strengths of the multiplayer experience with many players, but which innovates in key aspects such as the combat system." (

Age rating

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has been rated PEGI 12 because it features moderate violence and occasional blood effects. As a multiplayer online game, note that you will meet real unknown people.

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