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  • Developer NetEase Games
  • Version 1.610637.614222
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If you are a lover of the Battle Royale genre, you have to try Rules of Survival. Surround yourself with intriguing characters and discover a mysterious desert island. There, you will have to face up to 119 enemies and fight as hard as you can to be the last one standing. And be careful, as the sudden release of a toxic gas will reduce the habitable space. So deploy your parachute, find yourself a weapon and get ready to defend yourself!


  • A truly intense video game: The Battle Royale concept is already widely appreciated in the gaming world. In this genre, users will have to battle the rest of the players and try to be the last one standing.
  • Two maps to choose from: Rules of Survival includes two maps with different appearance and content. These are: Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiord. The main difference between these two is the maximum number of players and the map size.
  • Explode and collect: Before you can start attacking other players, you will have to have a good weapon and plenty of ammunition. You also need to find healing objects, as they can help you to regain health while you take a little break in combat.
  • The advantages of eliminating opponents: By eliminating an enemy, not only does the number of people you have to annihilate decrease, but you will be able to collect all of their loot, meaning you can keep the weapons and ammunition carried by your victims.
  • Modify the perspective: You will be able to choose the view with which you are most comfortable. The game allows you to switch between first person and third person perspectives.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in Rules of Survival are quite impressive. In addition, an "ultra version" was incorporated in 2018, allowing players of the game to live a much more realistic and immersive experience thanks to new high-definition graphics, real-time weather effects, improved gameplay mechanics, and much more.

Game modes

Rules of Survival is a multiplayer online video game in which users can face the rest of the battlefield in the Solo Deathmatch Mode. Alternatively, there are modes where players can work together as a Duo (2 players), a Squad (4 players) or a Fireteam (5 players).

There is also a selection of game modes with a special objective, such as the Gold (collect gold) and Diamond (collect diamonds) modes. On the other hand there is the so-called Blitzkrieg mode, in which players will clash head-on, after being dropped on a specific part of the map with a pistol, basic armor and a backpack.

What do the reviews say?

Rules of Survival is not listed on the review-aggregation site Metacritic. However, if we take the game's Steam download page as a reference we can see that it receives mixed reactions with a total of over 4,500 user reviews.

Age rating


The game has been classified with the PEGI 16 tag. It contains scenes of violence (although not explicit) and the players will use various types of weapons to eliminate the enemy.

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