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BIOS Commands

When BIOS is in use it disables the mouse option. When using BIOS , the user has to resort to keyboard keys alone. To operate within the BIOS environment , it is imperative to know these keys well so that you can use the system with ease. When using BIOS, the mouse option is disabled and you will only be allowed to use your keyboard keys. This article will help you enter the BIOS environment and will give you the set of commands that you can use within it.

Keyboard keys are used in BIOS to select an option, to change values and to quit BIOS , so alternatives to the mouse must be known by the user for a good experience. The model of the computer should be taken into account while using the keys.

How To Enter BIOS

To be able to access BIOS, depending on your computer model, you can use the following:

  • ESC key
  • F5 key
  • F8 key
  • DEL key

Alternative To Your Mouse

  • UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrows
  • Page Up and Page Down keys
  • End key
  • Home key
  • Tab key

How To Select An Option

  • Press the ENTER key

How To Change Values

  • Use the number keys
  • Use the -/+ keys to modify numerical values
  • Use the letter keys to enter the commands
  • DEL/BACKSPACE keys to delete values
  • Y for YES and N for NO to answer questions

How To Quit BIOS

  • ESC key to quit BIOS.
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL to promptly restart the system.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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