Online shopping - Some tips and recommendations

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Online shopping - Some tips and recommendations

Is online shopping safe? How to get started and what are the precautions to be taken? Learn all you need to know about this popular trend:


The reliability of the website

Its better to avoid making purchases on a recently created website. If you have any doubt about the origin of the website, go to the "About Us" section or the imprint of the website. Also search for the customer reviews about the service or website.

Contact and customer service department

Check if it is possible to easily get in touch with Customer Service (a contact email , hotlines,..etc). Don't forget to check the terms and conditions that apply for the return, exchange or refund of a product.


  • The shipping conditions and delays must be clearly advertised on the product .
  • Make sure that the shipping address and billing address are indicated .

The product

You need information on the characteristics of the product? Visit the manufacturer website to get all the necessary information.

Some tips

Place your orders early

The product can run out of stock , sendt to a wrong delivery address ... Do not hesitate to order your item one month in advance, especially if it is a gift for a special occasion (Christmas, birthday ... ).

Compare prices

Some sites promise unbeatable prices, however, a simple search on the internet or via a price comparaison service will often lead to cheaper alternatives.
Some private sales websites offer competitive prices. Again, do not hesitate to compare with other websites. Private sales are mostly based on specific themes (travel, clothes, toys ... ), they work on a first come first served basis and are limited in time.

The different payment methods

==Credit card====
Make sure that the site provides a secure payment system .


Make sure your PayPal account is up to date.
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