Open Office Writer - Adding a background image to a document

With the simple service of Open office writer software, it is easy to add a background image to your document. To add a desired image to a specific document, you must access Open Office Writer and select the page to be displayed as a background by right-clicking it. Go to the Background tab, then type select image. Choose the required image and the browse option will then help transfer that image from the hard drive or other relevant source. One must reconfirm this selection by clicking OK - as detailed below.
  • Under Open Office Writer, you can add an image to the background of your text area:
  • Open your Open Office Writer document, right-click the page you want to add a background to, then select Page.
  • Go to the Background tab, then type, select image.
  • Click on Browse to fetch the image on your hard drive or external media.
  • Select your image and click open.
  • Select the type of image size you need, then click on OK.
  • You now have your background image.
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