Where To Download Royalty-Free Music for Videos

If you have a YouTube channel, you have surely at some point thought to put background music in your videos. This can sometimes be a difficult choice, because YouTube removes content that is copyright infringing. Fortunately, there are sites that host free music under a Creative Commons license — also known as royalty free music — which you can download and use without problems in your work. Jamendo is a music website and an open community of independent artists that allows anyone to upload their music or download the music of others for free.

Jamendo website Free Music Archive is a website where you will find high quality music under a Creative Commons license. The site has a player that lets you preview music before downloading.

Free Music Archive website SoundCloud is an audio platform where users can promote, share, and distribute their music. It also acts as a social network, because it allows you to follow your favorite bands and artists to keep you informed about their new releases. You can access and download any music if the author has enabled the option to download.

SoundCloud website OnClassical is an Italian record label that distributes classical music over the Internet and allows you to use their music for free for non-commercial purposes. The label has a different set of prices for commercial use of its music.

OnClassical website Dig.ccmixter is a site dedicated to distributing music with a Creative Commons license. All of the songs on the site are created by the community, and the artists give their authorization so that their music can be used in any project.

dig.ccmixter website Magnatune is an American record label that distributes music over the Internet. All of its content can be listened to, shared, and used for free. This platform has varied genres, so finding what you like is easy.

Magnatune website Opsound is a website that promotes links to music with Creative Commons licenses. It has a wide variety of genres, such as electronics, instrumental, and experimental.

Opsound website Incompetech is a website from which you can download royalty-free songs. It has more than 20 musical genres and a large music library.

Incompetech website Audionautix offers a wide variety of free music genres, with no restrictions. You can even use audio for commercial purposes, as long as you include a link to this website.

Audionautix website Musicalibre.es is a Spanish community of free music that offers the creations of artists registered in the community to anyone who wants to use them.

Musicalibre.es website

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