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How to Get Cheap Flights In 2021

The travel industry struggled in 2020 due to the global pandemic, and the various uncertainties surrounding international travel during this time. Many holiday companies are trying to offer incentives, such as considerable discounts, flexible dates and free cancellations (just in case the pandemic worsens) to purchase flights and holiday packages for 2021. If you're feeling lucky, now could be a good time to pick up some cheap deals on flights in 2021.

Websites such as SkyScanner, Kayak and others allow you to compare prices, destinations and keep up to date with the best offers to ensure you get the best deal. We will show you a few tricks and tips that will help you find the cheapest flights, wherever you want to go!

Buy the Ticket at the Right Time

Date and Time of Purchase

The first thing you should know is that air ticket prices fluctuate a lot, depending on the time and day of the week, as well as the demand at the time.

That is why we recommend that you choose the right time to buy your ticket. It is better during the week, since at the weekend people have more free time and there is more demand. In particular, the best offers usually appear at the beginning of the week, on Monday or Tuesday, and if you want to be more specific, it seems that around 3pm the prices are even lower.

Plan In Advance

Depending on where you want to travel, you may want to buy your tickets in advance. If you are going to make a short trip, either nationally or within the same continent, we recommend that you buy your ticket about two months in advance. Before that, the prices will be higher.

In the case of a transatlantic flight, things are different: you would need to book at least four months before you travel and, ideally, up to seven months in advance.

Be flexible with dates

Although we are aware that free time is scarce, the best solution to travel cheaply is to be flexible with our travel dates. In most search engines, there is the option to choose open dates. This way, the search engine will show you the days when the return tickets are cheaper within the range that you have set.

On the other hand, we recommend that you avoid travelling during peak season dates, both at the destination and in the country you are buying your ticket. In other words, try to avoid travelling during the summer and Christmas, for example, as this is when there will be more demand and therefore tickets will be more expensive.

Travel light and be open-minded

Pack Light

Thanks to a number of low-cost companies, today we can enjoy very cheap flights but of course, prices increase when we want to carry suitcases full of clothes and other belongings. If you want to save money, avoid checking in and travel only with hand luggage. Especially if you are travelling to cheap destinations, it may be cheaper to buy certain products once you land.


On the other hand, we wanted to talk to you about stopovers. If you are willing to add stopovers, of either several hours or even days, you can break up your flight into multiple flights. With these extended stops you could save considerable amounts of money by allowing stopovers and taking advantage of the change of plane to see cities that you would not have considered visiting. To make this type of stopover, go to the flight time filter in the search engine and enter the maximum number of hours. However, make sure that the country where you are making a stopover allows you to enter without a visa or to get one at the same airport.

Flexible Destination

Finally, how about being flexible with your destination and letting an algorithm choose for you? In the current search engines you can indicate the dates you are interested in and the algorithm will find you the destinations with the best prices. Think of this option as the modern version of closing your eyes and putting your finger on any place in the world.

Be Smart With Online Shopping

Like most websites, flight browsers work with cookies, that is, they save data about your visit, so they know if you have entered before and therefore if you are interested in flying with them. They then use that information to charge you for the most expensive ticket. We therefore recommend that you enter your browsing history and delete your cookies, or that you browse in incognito mode. That way, it will be as if you were entering your browser for the first time and the tickets will be cheaper.

Be Quick With Your Purchases

As we have explained before, the prices of plane tickets can change a lot in the space of a few minutes. So, if you see a ticket for a very good price or find a real bargain, do not hesitate and buy it: the opportunity may be fleeting.

Subscribe to Newsletters

We know: receiving business newsletters in your emails is a hassle. However, in the case of airlines it might be more useful than you think. When an airline opens a new route, it usually puts the first tickets at very low prices. That would be your time to buy.

<niuv1>On the other hand, there are also price alerts from the flight search engines. Sign up and you will receive an email when the ticket to your desired destination decreases in price.

We hope that our recommendations have been useful to you. And remember that you can find more tips on our website on how to travel cheaply using search engines such as Google Flights.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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