The best dating apps: free, for serious relationships (2023)

The best dating apps: free, for serious relationships (2023)

Whether you are looking for great love, a one-night stand, or simply a good friend in a new city, a variety of dating applications are available to you. Whether it is for socialising, getting to know someone before organising a date or even just sexting, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the best dating apps that will keep you busy this spring!

Match Dating

Video chats and live coaches

Seemingly pretty much the same as any other dating app, Match Dating has some extra features to offer its users. You can video chat with your matches as well as add voice and video snippets to your profile. You can also pay for an extra service and get a real-life dating coach who will help you to get more matches that are right for your profile, a bit like in the "Hitch" movie. You can download Match for iOS and Android.



Anonymous and wild

Pure is an app designed mostly for people living in big cities who have busy lives and sometimes don't have enough time for classic dating. You can find curious minds who are open to new adventures and would like to test their boundaries. The user has to write their own ad in Pure and meet other people. The app also focuses on the safety of its users, so it recommends chatting within the app without switching to instant messengers right away. You can download Pure for iOS and Android

Pure app
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Women’s first move

Starting with Bumble, an app that aims to change the way the first contact between potential partners is made. Bumble’s unique selling point is that the women on the app make the first move. It also reinforces the security of a woman and lowers the chances that she’s going to be harassed. Once a potential match is made, the woman will receive a prompt to send a message within a 24 hour limit.

Bumble prioritizes kindness and respect between users and reacts negatively if you constantly swipe right for each match in an attempt to get the most matches. You can learn more and download Bumble to test it.


The best for a serious relationship

OkCupid can come in handy if you are looking for a serious relationship with someone who’s a lot like yourself. With personality quizzes, dating preferences, and a detailed profile, you can finally meet someone who really matches you perfectly!

The app suggests you choose your “flavor”, such as Kinky Nerd, Beard Lover, etc., asks you essential questions to find the best matches for you, and you can also integrate your Instagram and see other users’ profiles too, among other features.

You can download OkCupid for Android and for iOS.


If you are looking for a partner, a one-night stand, or even just a friend

Even though most people use MeetMe for dating, you can also find good friends and like-minded people. In the app, you can see a list of people with the same interests as you, who live in the local neighborhood.

You can start a conversation or even video chat right away, or even start broadcasting (most certainly when it’s not a romantic relationship). Anyway, it’s a good old app that can help you integrate into the local community and, who knows, maybe find true love. You can download MeetMe for Android and iPhone/iPad for free.


Detailed profiles and long-term connections

Hinge is referred to as the app designed to be deleted, or the last dating app you may need. There is an extensive list of search criteria and specific information that users can add about themselves (sexual preference, religion, alcohol consumption, drug use etc).

Hinge differs from some of the other dating apps in that you have a finite amount of ‘likes’ to give per day. Once you have surpassed the 10 like limit, you will have to wait 24 hours until you can start liking again. The more selective nature of Hinge makes each connection seem more genuine and well thought out. Rather than simply liking every profile, you have to make a careful decision. You can download Hinge and learn more about the app.

Coffee Meets Bagel

For shy daters

Coffee Meets Bagel is designed as an old-fashioned dating service: you fill in the questionnaire, send it to the app, and then it will do all the job. Every day at noon you will receive a personal listing of potential matches. You can choose someone, and if he or she does the same, the app will open a chat box for a week, where you can talk and schedule a meet-up.

Thanks to the app you receive a curated list of matches and don’t have to spend your time swiping or worrying about writing first, being chosen by your match, etc. Moreover, the app helps to start a conversation, so it might be helpful for shy or insecure users. You can download Coffee Meets Bagel for Android and for iPhone/iPad.


The widest choice of matches

Arguably the most famous, or infamous, dating app in the world with over 26 million matches per day. Tinder allows you to connect with potential matches in your local area. Because it is popular there is a large amount of users and potential matches - and the larger amount of matches can encourage users to swipe right on each profile in an attempt to widen the net.

Tinder has more casual connotations in the dating world, however it can also be used if you are looking for a more serious relationship. It ultimately depends on the way you interact with the app and what your personal ambitions are. Read more about the app and download Tinder.


Location-based dating

Happn is a different type of dating app. It is designed to connect with people that you have crossed paths with during your day-to-day life. Naturally, both parties have to be on Happn for a potential connection to be made (it’s not magic!).

The app notes places that you pass by as you walk through the streets. When another user passes by a spot that you have frequented, their profile will become visible to you. If you want to be able to contact them you will need to like their profile. If they do the same, you will be able to start conversing. Who knows, maybe, you'll finally start talking to that neighbor you've liked for so long. You can download Happn and learn more about the app.


For LGBTQ+ daters

Grindr has become one of the most popular dating apps for the gay scene launching in 2009. It is a network for the bi-sexual, transexual and gender queer communities. It allows you to connect with other users in your local area.

Users describe Grindr as being a safe space where they can interact with their matches and interact with the wider LGBT community. You can download Grindr and read a more detailed description of the app.

Facebook Dating

For long-term relationships

The last dating ‘app’ on this list is Facebook Dating ; Facebook’s new dating service. With over 2.5 billion users of Facebook, it was only a matter of time before they entered the dating realm.

With Facebook already having access to a large amount of your personal information, you will soon be able to use this to your advantage and meet other interested parties on Facebook without the need for a specific dating app. 

What is some general dating app safety advice?

Before you get started with any one of these dating apps - depending on what takes your fancy - here is some advice to ensure that you stay safe.

  • The first time you meet up - do so in a public place. If anything seems suspicious, you will be able to make a scene or in the worst case, run away!
  • Be careful with the type of personal information that you give a match (address, bank account, etc).
  • Finally, it is recommended that before meeting up with any match, you download a personal safety app here. With one of these apps, you will be able to make sure somebody knows your whereabouts during your date, or allow you to raise an alarm if anything goes wrong.

Good luck, enjoy, and stay safe!

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